Come and join me in making Wild West Sims for TS3 Creators’ Consortium’s New Wild West World.

Howdy Partners…..I mean Simmers! Let’s rustle up some townies for our new Wild West World.

We are looking for some “Straight Shooters”, “Old Coots”, “Your typical Evil/Insane or Heroic Gunslingers”, “Young Fillies” , “Old Schoolmarms”, Native Americans, “Saloon Girls”, and “Settlers”

** You may make as many households as you’d like….you are not limited to one household.**


**All Eps/Sps/Store Content may be used. If store content is used provide screenshots of each outfit or hair along with the links to the item ( or set). This way Dini will be sure to have the items in her game.

**No Custom Patterns ( even ones made with CAP)

**No third party content please.

** Keep in mind we need a wide variety of shapes and sizes, traits and ages. Young couples to families with children of all ages to elders.

**Upload your sim(s) as a Household 

** You may enter your Households three places:

My TS3 Creators Consortium II Thread

My Facebook Event Page

My TS3 Forum Thread

Hope to see some of you!  Leave a comment if you have any questions.


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Great BG. Thanks for all the hard work you have done!

  2. This is a great idea!!!

  3. Thank you for putting this together. I am sure there are a lot of creators willing to share their unique households. 😉 -EQ

  4. Links to households:

    by Clayworld(Residents: 7
    Funds: §26,000) [/url]

    by Clayworld(Residents: 8
    Funds: §25,500)[/url]

    by Clayworld(Residents: 2
    Funds: §18,500)[/url]

    [url=]Hick for Pets
    by Clayworld(Residents: 5
    Funds: §19,250)[/url]

    by ClayworldResidents: 2
    Funds: §31,933[/url]

    [url=]Laura Wild by meresimp (Residents:1)[/url]

    [url=]The Barkleys by Buttonsginger(Residents: 5
    Funds: §24,500)[/url]

    [url=]The Batts’ Family by FH
    by FRATERNALHERO(Residents: 4
    Funds: §220,500)[/url]

  5. Hello…if any of your are following this here we have had to make a few changes;

    First: don’t add pets to your households.

    Taken from TS3 CC:

    [quote=”Euphorial Queen”]
    [quote=”auntielynds”]I can populate it in Caw, then export it, and someone can do a quick save file with all the animals placed. 😀 [/quote]

    If you wish for your household to have a Pet(s) they can be included. Just understand that due to the restrictions in place in CAW they will not show up when someone downloads a pre-populated world.
    The only way this can happen is if we create a save file that would be seperate from the world. The save file would be necessary for the Pets to show in their proper households.
    The existing families can be split out removing the animals from the households. Then once the world has been populated (Sims only) it can be made ready for export. At that point the game can be opened and the households (now Petless) will be deleted and replaced with the version that includes their animals.
    The Save file is just like the ones you create when starting a new neighborhood.
    Download save file.
    Copy the file.
    Paste a copy in The Sims 3 folder in your documents folder.
    When you open your launcher you will see this file as a choice to play.
    So it will be just like continuing a game you have started and saved youself.

    I hope I have not over-explained. I tend to offer TMI sometimes. [/quote]

  6. Your household needs to have a description added before exporting from edit town. I have written a tutorial for this and you can find it here…

    If you have already given me a household and a description was not included it is not a problem….I will add a description before handing over the files to our CAWsters.

    • Great job on the tutorial. I try to make a point of creating a back story in CAS. This sticks with the Sim when creating households. I also try (sometimes forget) to add descriptions when creating lots. Doing this and following your tutorial helps identify the lot. Using your name in the descriptions is also a big help in tagging your own creations. I abreviate and use ‘EQ’ to save space. 🙂 -EQ

      • Thanks EQ. I always put the info in CAS but it didn’t ” stick” when I put household in a house and shared from edit town….which surprised me ….I just assumed the info would stay with the household. 😛 I had to add it again before sharing.

        Thanks for reading and commenting here:D

  7. Here is a [url=]Census[/url] of our worlds sims so far…..A great big [b]Thank YOU[/b] to all our talented sim creators :Bow: :Bow: :Bow:


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