Hetty Lionheart…”Crazy like a fox….ermmmm…a Cat….Mwahhhh…Hwaaaaa…Hwaaaaa….”

This is my second attempt at MerryWiddow’s Challenge , as I lost my first save to a game Refresh 😛

Find original challenge rules below:

Hetty Lionheart: A Wasted Life, Reversed, Challenge

Week One, Day One

Here we find Ms Hetty Lionheart….misunderstood by most. Except for her Kitties. She has $488.00 and a High School diploma, Llama Cane and The Dragon Ripple in her inventory. Time to blow the dust off and put that Diploma on the wall. Now ….where did that book come from??? Ahhhhh….yes, the Great Mother Cat of Triquatra gave that to her on her last visit….did I mention Hetty is Insane?? She is also hydrophobic, a loner, a cat person and most importantly EVIL…..Mauwww Hawwww Hawwww Hawwww…: clears throat:

Hetty spends her days…..well, now….seems Hetty has no memory of what she has been up to the last 70 years….or 80….well…who is counting. This is what she was up to the day we met. A car stopped just outside her house…the radio was blaring loud….darn whipper snappers”….Hetty put down her rod and pulled out her cane and marched to the front yard….

I have faced it,… A life wasted,…
I’m never going back again.

I escaped it,… A life wasted,..
I’m never going back again.

Having tasted,… A life wasted,…
I’m never going back again

The world awaits just up the stairs

The melody some how permeated the cobwebs and craziness that clogged Hetty’s mind. She stopped dead in her tracks…..”Hold the door….I’m about to push up daisies!” The teen driving the car threw her a confused look and stepped on the gas….Hetty choked on the fumes…..She cackled…..“Watch out World, HERE I COME!”

She headed straight over to Rustler’s Den and join the criminal career. The Decoy position was the only thing open….Hetty tried to explain she want the Empress of Evil job but alas…these commoners would not listen. She accepted the job… and snickered on her way out. They had no idea who they were dealing with! Outside , Hetty ran into the most ugly woman she had ever seen. She decided to try her Charisma skill on her….it work!

End of day one

Join criminal career….check

Funds: $538.00


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

4 responses »

  1. Nothing will keep Hetty down!

  2. Ohh a very interesting start! I have some catching up to do 🙂 can not wait to see how Hetty does.


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