Hetty Lionheart: Week One Day Two



Let me introduce to you the Lionheart Household:


That’s Hetty on the treadmill….working on her athletic skill.

Here are her minions….ermmmm….kitties….

Pickles is seated on the left.  She is the eldest of the litter….behind our lovely  villainess, of course.  Her traits are: Hyper, Aggressive, Destructive, Skittish, and Independent.   She has a hunting skill of level 3.  She is the mate to Mothball and her daughter is Maria, who also is her enemy. She and Muffin are best  friends.

Mothball is  a few days younger than his better half and currently has a good case of the fleas.  His traits: Genius, Adventurous  (trained by your narrator) Clueless, Friendly and Piggy.  His hunting skill is at level 3  also.  He dislikes Hetty very much and Muffin is his enemy.  His relationships with his mate and daughter are in good standing.

Muffin is a tad younger than Mothball and is also flea ridden.  Her traits: Adventurous, Quiet, Lazy, Hunter and Proud. Her BFF is Hetty and Pickles is her BF,  Mothball and Maria are her enemies.

Maria is the baby of the brood.  Fleas are also on board. Her traits:  Hyper and Aggressive ….to the delight of her Mistress.  She and Hetty are BFs and she really likes her Dad.  Mom is in the  ” Dog House ” along with Muffin.


Our soon to be Empress of Evil is trying out her new steampunked  stove.   She has a mind to do a little fixing up around this place.  Anyway….the mac-n-cheese was pretty darn tasty!  She did a little  looking around and sold off a bunch of stuff that was collecting  nothing but dust.   Gave her a nice little piece of change .



For some peculiar reason Hetty was a bit itchy… huh….wonder why??


This is the best thing EVER! Automatic pooper scooper……Bravo EA 😀


Sampling an Evil Double Caramel Non-Fat Frothiccino…….Can you say….D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S??


Spread the Evil….cough, cough,….Love….Spread the Love.  Mwhaaaaaaaa….Hwaaaaaaaa ….Hwaaaaaaa.


Looking pretty darn good for   old as dirt…..cackles to self.



Now that’s a kitchen befitting an insane cat lover….look out world, Hetty’s a coming! ( Big Cat Tile  by Euphorial Queen  download here)


Oh…..nothing keeps the pernicious  at bay  like a good foot message.


Hetty’s first heist!

Muffin is quite the hunter…..Mwaaaahhhhhhh….Hwaaaaaaa…Hwaaaaaaaaaaaa….get’em  minion!




Snickers to self……got ’em….mama’s gonna be so proud!


Awwwwwwww….cute, right?  Don’t be fooled….Maria is sharpening her teeth.


Hetty makes her way home after another day spent conspiring with her accomplices.  Hehehehehehe….Appaloosa Plains won’t know what hit them!



About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

10 responses »

  1. Just read the first two installments of this, hilarious!
    At this point I’m more scared of the cats than Hetty though, what a dysfunctional flea-ridden group of felines…lol

    • LOL…..the cats are a lot of fun to play…I had them almost trained before I lost my first save 😛 Thanks for reading and your nice comment.

      • Oh no, what a pain for you!
        I lost my oldest legacy to an error during saving! It’s so annoying when that happens.
        I’m extra careful now, I create a new save each time I play…a bit OCD but I feel better. lol

      • Oh… I am so sorry to hear that. I lost my first legacy to a uninstall/reinstall. I forgot to check a download with Delphy’s custard and some third party cc got in my game ….so I had to do a game refresh. I had also been playing the Hetty save so I was afraid to move the save back in my game. There is an advantage to starting over…..it’s a bit easier the second time around….;D

  2. lol Makes me want to get back to my Hetty, even though we aren’t in the challenge any more. Love Hetty’s scooter, BG!

  3. Love the kitchen! Hetty seems like she is on her way to achieving her evil empire!


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