Hetty LionHeart: Week 1 Days 3 to 5


We start out with Pickles being hissed at by her daughter.  Mothers are under appreciated.


Time to eradicate the tiny little jumpers.   Pickles is the first to relish a good scrubbing.

Muffin is next  and Maria’s  photo op was missed due to complications beyond the narrator’s control.


Mothball on the other hand took some convincing.   It seems that their relationship status was a problem, enemies can’t bath each other….



A little goofing around.

Smoochies!  Evil Smoochies……Mwaaaaaahhhhh Hwaaaaaaaaahhhh  Hwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…..

Now…Now….my minion…..you’d didn’t think I was trying to drown you……did you.…cackles to self.


Cleaning up the little “packages”  left all over the house….let’s change the cat food , shall we?

My Goodness……we wouldn’t want our Empress of Evil in training to break a hip!

Kitty Conversation…..

Look where the Charisma Class is…...Heeee Heee Heeee….I’m right under their noses.

Fishing counts as hunting….yummy….fish are delish!

Muffin to Pickles…..Hmmmmmmm….you taste like flowers!

Hetty took a good look around and decided that keeping up with all the cats and household chores was too much to ask of a great criminal mind.  She took out the little squaky box in her inventory and summoned another type of minion….one that cleans!   This contraption is just full of Minions at her beck and call…..Herumph……now , there are less things to train the kitties for……Haaaaaa…Ha….Snort….Hawwwwwwwww……..


Meet Kristen……Hetty is just sure she is evil….look at her!

Practice makes perfect!

What’s this mischief….thinks Hetty…..she’s keeping one eye on this critter at all times.


Maria announces that one of Hetty’s  conspirators has dropped by…..looks like he’s just passing through.  He came in the back door….Hetty tried to interact with him by telling him to… Get the Heck O-U-T…but his actions were grayed out., as he was going to “another lot’….Your smater than you look, replies Hetty.

It appears Hetty was his target all along.  Now this is a quandary…..rat on an accomplice or  reason with him?

I’ll be darn….that stove fit right here in my little bag!

There seemed to be no reasoning with this fellow……so Hetty just gave him a good long  look see…she has a good memory for faces….it may take some time…..but he’ll get whats coming…..just you wait and see.

Replacing the stove and buying an alarm nearly wiped Hetty’s nest egg out…..Who would dare to steal from me….we’ll just see won’t we…..Hetty snickers to herself…actually, the interloper did have a big set of ….well, let’s just say…..he might be someone Hetty will want to recruit when she rules this world….Mwahhhhhhhhh…..cough,cough…oh, you get the gist.


Household funds:  $ 877.00

Hetty’s skills:

Athletic 3 ; Charisma 2

Decoy/ mood:outstanding/performance:outstanding


Mothball has been trained in: Hunter, Adventurous,Non-Destructive

Pickles has been trained in: Hunter

Maria has been trained in: Neat



About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

10 responses »

  1. Mwahahahaha! That dude has no idea who he just messed with. He will be sorry some day.

  2. This is such a great story. I’m glad you are enjoying it.

    • Thanks MW! I love the way the game leads the story. Hetty is so fun to play and so are the cats…..I didn’t think of them as sims until I started playing this challenge but they are….with their own personalities …I’m really attached to them.

  3. A thief stealing from a thief! How Rude! Good story!

  4. Oh dear lord, that small time thief doesn’t know who he’s messing with LOL

  5. lol love the kitties! I think that poor thief is going to be upset when Hetty rules the world!


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