Hetty Lionheart: Week Two Day 3


Hetty wakes to find Mothball perched on her kitchen counter…..Bad B-A-D Minion!  Hetty promptly  removes the cat.


This Narrator thinks enough said.

Hetty had another opportunity here but can’t remember what on earth she was doing……


Whew….being  a up and coming criminal can really take it’s toll on a body.

Time to whip up some Evil Autumn Salad…..hehehehehehe…

Looks like the Kitty Gnome crossed paths with Hetty…..

Early to rise and practice Domination of the World Speech.  Hetty gave herself a once over in the mirror and decided a little sprucing up was in order.

New everyday hair and outfit.

Her Royal Evilness ordered the Gnome Minion to discourage stray visitors.

Hetty decided to stop by a local hangout on the way home from work…..show off her new formal hair and wear….Meeeeooooooooww!

Hetty spotted a young cat  on her way out…..time to puurrrrrrr on the charm.

Shawn Kiffle was immediately smitten…..these charisma classes are really paying off….Hetty is pleasantly surprised.

Hetty leaned in and gave Shawn a little sniff and a nuzzle…..he giggled……… Last call, announced the bartender…..Shawn gave Hetty a shy smile and said he had to help close up……

A grin slid across Hetty’s  face……this was going to be much more fun than she thought….


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

4 responses »

  1. Loving that her style is reflecting her nuttiness!
    Also, go Hetty doing her thing with the doorman. lol


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