Itori Tielt

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

Everyday Dress/Front Cover Gown EA Store

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Fit
Weight: Normal
Sub Type: Human
Traits: Rebellious , Brave, Computer Whiz, Evil, Disciplined

All Eps/ Sps through Master Suite may have been used. EA Store content used. Made for Lunar Lakes . Favorites are cobbler, classical, lime . Sign: Sagitarrius.
More Pictures:
Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  Recommend, Download and Enjoy.

About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

8 responses »

  1. I just went and bought myself Lunar Lakes after seeing the fun you are having with it.

    You’re alien styled simmies are very fun indeed!

    • Super! I have really enjoyed it so far. I might start a story there….it is between Lunar Lakes and Hidden Springs….haven’t used Hidden Springs since I bought it! I am such a sucker for EA Content….LOL.

      I am having fun making aliens….may try some weird shaped sims next.

  2. I don’t have TS3 but this is great inspiration. I’m going to follow your blog!

  3. Hi, is the skin used on her EA or cc? Thanks!


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