They’re coming to take me away….An ISBI Legacy/Prologue

ISBI ( I’m Surrounded By Idiots) Rules





“Yes….yes.  A one-way ticket to Hidden Springs, please.  First availability. Yes.  No. Confirmed.”, Tamra hung up her phone and let out a huge sigh. She was finally escaping this home.  Her’s had been mundane childhood. Her parents, Amy and Xander Phreeson, were more focused on their “Rock Careers” than their daughter.



Her parents had won a free trip for two days and were due home this evening.  While they were gone, she was a good girl. No parties. Studied. Cleaned the houses from top to bottom. She heard the taxi pull up and the car doors slam. At the creak of the front door, Gogi ran to greet them with Tamra close behind. Surely being a world away would have made them realize how much they loved her. “Scram mutt!” Xander sneered at the little dog. Then he made his way to the bedroom. Amy followed her husband, dutifully. Neither giving notice to Tamra.

To add insult to injury, today is also her birthday. As usual, it was forgotten, so she pulled  a birthday cake from her inventory. Bought it herself…it’s her first.   Her hands trembled while she tried  to light the candle. Oooooooo…the sparkles never felt so good!  Just a bit of tweaking to her hair and wardrobe was called for.


She took one last look around her room packed what she could in her inventory and called to Gogi to follow her.  She walked out the front door into the waiting taxi….. No looking back.


Too bad….she missed out.  One left over booby-trap zoned in on it’s target!  Daddy is NOT happy!  “TAAAAAMMMMRRRAAAAA!”


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

6 responses »

  1. EuphorialQueen

    Oh Hooray! I am glad she was chosen for this challenge. I have marked this blog so I can get email updates.

  2. Great start for this challenge. I’m glad you chose Tamra too.

  3. LOL.. her parents are dumb 🙂

    • Lol…..the poor sims…..let’s see…..Xander ( Dear Old Dad) had the Dislike Children trait and Amy ( Mommy Dearest) had decent traits just not Family Oriented ( Nuturing wasn’t available at the time of my original challenge)

      I had started a Homeless sim challenge and you had to move out people and go back an check in on how they were doing……so I had no control over the parents while she was little. I guess I feel I owe her a chance at a life. ;D


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