They’re coming to take me away…Week 2 Day 2

Tamra keeps practicing her keyboard.  Skill is early level 4.

Gogi  keeps himself entertained.  Good boy!

Roberto Vega keeps hanging around on Tamra’s front porch….at night…..creepo!

Gogi takes notice and runs out to attack……errrmmmmmmmm…..correction…..have fun.  ( ISBI)

Time to receive her Diploma.

Her Traits: ( Random Roll)





Born Saleswoman

Sold a painting.

Gogi wishes his tail was just a bit longer!

Learned a few new recipes.

Tamra decided to get some fresh air while she practiced her keyboard.

Met a guy. Ryan Anderson seemed real nice. Found traits of: Family Oriented/Workaholic/Good Sense of Humor.   Had a Job as a professional blogger.

Found out he was single, so Tamra took a chance……

Ryan asked her  to watch the stars……things were going good!

The night ended with kiss.

Time to try out those new recipes.  Yummy…fruit parfait.


No! Do not chew the furniture.  Tamra felt bad for scolding her precious pup but there are limits.

Gogi had been trained to be neat.  Thank gooness….maybe he’ll stop peeing in the house now!

He’s Baaaaaacccccck!  Hmmmmmmmm…..maybe Tamra should give him a call. His eyes appear to be glowing….must just be love because he is in fact human.


Tamra called Ryan everyday ( 2 days since they met)  and then finally had time to invite him over.  He arrived and she greeted him and  boom…..bang….she found out he was in another relationship! It all happened so fast the creep left before I could snag a picture.

Bet Hearbreaker is one of the remaining traits she had left to discover.

Will Tamra find love? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!  Like and share if you wish 😀


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

4 responses »

  1. Oh you tease! She found a man and then found he already had a woman. Dunno about dating the creepy porch stalker though. lol

  2. Creepy porch guy sure could be good looking though.


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