They’re coming to take me away…..Week 8 Day 7

Meet Carlos….he and a few single men were placed in town by ” The Committee for the Arrangement of Superior Singles ( CAS)”.  He is Brave, Athletic, Nurturing,  Handy and Neat. He has the LTW to be an astronaut and has joined the military career.

Tamra wastes no time in romancing Carlos….

Popped the question….Carlos’ expression says it all….

 Wedded Bliss….Finally!

Carlos made himself right at home.

Tamra warmed up her pipes before her next gig…..that was fun!

A good time was had by all.

Taught Gogi how to shake… cute!

Gogi and Carlos have hit it off.

Tamra is hard at work and advancing nicely in her singer career.

Unfortunately, this is when our honeymooners see each other!


Wrote thank you notes.

Did a little upgrading…

Busted some new moves on stage.

Lounge Lizzard Gnome……LOL!

Hosted my first sim through simport….Cherry….she did a great job!

Tamra was finally booked through simport….took 30 minutes in RL time to connect to MerryWiddow’s coffeehouse.

Some R & R was in need so Tamra took a trip to China….Carlos stayed behind to take care of Gogi and advance in his career.

Ran to the market and bought a few necessities .

Time to work on skill levels….martial arts

Obviously not a fan….

Time for a little exploring!

A quick call home to let Carlos know she’d on her way soon.


Carlos greeted  Tamra in his uniform …!

Auditioned  for another gig.

Tamra couldn’t resist stealing some clothes…..


 She felt so sorry for the sim, so she played video games with her for a bit.

Carlo couldn’t resist the martial arts training dummy.

Showing off some new moves…….

Takes a well deserved bow.

Spins a few tunes.

Gogi likes to growl at the mailman!

Back to China to  up skill levels…..handiness this time.

Tamra spent her time upgrading toilets, sinks, showers and appliances.

Yummy….roasted bananas!

Back home and going out for a night on the town with Hubby….in her Limo! Pretty cool!

Dominoes …..what fun!

Pool! Love it!

How sweet….Ummmm……Carlos can’t carry a tune in a bucket!  Tamra loves him anyway!!

Logic skill building at the library…..see the Honorary Incense Burner of Jun Pao….along with being at the library increases her speed of skill building….(Thanks MerryWiddow)

Yes……back to China…..working on logic skills.

Fame is following Tamra! Anything for her fans…..

A little social interaction…….

Tamra participated in Simfest after getting home and won first place!


Tamar’s skill building has payed off…..she has mastered the logic skill and can now teach Carlos skills……thank goodness because his handiness skill is sorely lacking for work!

Tamra has also mastered handiness.

Tamra stopped by the gym to work out and…….

You guessed it…..Fame……the price you pay!

Carlos and Gogi  went along to see Tamra sing for tips at the coffee house.

Watched the stars……how romantic!

Tamra sold her first album!! Cooooool!

Ahhhhhhhh…..Tamra is on her way to inner peace!



About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Fabulous! :” The Committee for the Arrangement of Superior Singles ( CAS)”” Made me laugh so hard.

  2. I’m with EQ. LOL. Great update. I’m glad all those tips paid off.

  3. The ” The Committee for the Arrangement of Superior Singles ( CAS)”. did very well… that was a quick wedding… lol 😀


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