They’re coming to take me away…..Week 16 Day 8 Continued.

Gogi has aged up to elder….got a bran new ball.

Tamra was a little creeped out by some of the sims that were in town while she was performing for tips… seems there is a set of  sextuplets, at least, running around Hidden Springs…..slowly packs up the tip jar and mic and heads home!


Meresimp sent Tamra a lovely sim… was a wonderful show!


Tamra was invited to a party and she was having a nice time until two elders, on either side of her, died…..what a downer!

A wish for fortune…..granted!  $ 100,000 simoleons 😀

Tamra reached level 10 in the singer career!  Being a Vocal Legend is sweet!

LTW of  Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous completed!  Diva wants a new house!

Home Sweet Home!

Ta More (debbi2qlts) gave a superb performance!!

Time for the third wish… the Genie…..see the chains breaking….how cool is that?  There were a few steps Carlo had to go through to free is pal.

What is the first thing you do after being released from a little cramped lamp…..climb the rock wall, of course!

Carlo is all jazzed up to be wearing his astronaut suit….but he really has to pee and the toilet is too dirty for a “neat” sim to use and he is too exhausted to clean it…..and he is starving!

Early the next morning…..who is it?  Well, I leave you guessing for a bit…

daislylee sent a lovely singer to perform…..another sensational show!

Carlo is having fun with his Genie….excuse me, the name is Sedrick Sterling…..he is a young adult, couch potato, brave,  has a good sense of humor, a vehicle enthusiast ( without a vehicle), and is lucky.  Loves pink, shawarma and Hip Hop. Has the sign of Cancer…..and is looking for love!

To clear things up….it was Carlo and Tamra in the bed…..and looky….a baby bump!

Tamra enjoys her pregnancy.  Looks pretty nice too…..

Until she goes into labor and tries to go to the hospital…..hold on….can you imagine the celebrity gossip that would be spread if she went out looking like that????

Tamra seems to agree with me!

Welcome home Lucy Sue………and Suzy Q……..yep….twins….no kids music….no fertility treatments…..and one controllable sim…..this is gonna be fun 😛

Sedrick is surprisingly  helpful.

Don’t worry Tamra….your a new mother…’ll figure things out!

Good man Carlo….put that nurturing trait to good use!

Helping mommy get back into pre-baby shape……you know how celebs are……

Time flies when your having fun!

Lucy Sue:  Loves the outdoors and genius.  Favs:  Latin Music , Cheese Tofu Steak and the color red.

Suzy Q   Brave , Virtuoso   Favs: Hip Hop, sushi and the color spiceberry.

Still catching up to Week 12 Day 8…..thanks for reading!


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A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Adorable!

  2. Cute babies! Although why is it always twins when you really don’e need it to be?! lol 😀
    I laughed out loud about the people dying at the party… reminds me of when I did a group outing with Clara and her mother and that’s when her mother chose to die but not before saying “This was the worst time ever.Don’t call me”…..well you are dead so doubt you have a phone Mum. Anyway I digress… I enjoyed reading! 🙂


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