They are coming to take me away…Week 16 Day 8…all caught up.

“Hello……Hello…..hmmmmmm….nobody there” Tamra hung up the phone.  ( The poor dear is dead on her feet…..I didn’t have the heart to tell her the phone was up her nose.)

So cute……I can’t stand it…..really……I can’t!

Sedrick is really trying to pitch in and help.   Come on… some spontaneous Genie magic already!

Come on girls ….build those skills so we can have any early aging up party……..

Tamra did have to finally go to a gig and look how the babysitter showed up…..maybe he is trying to break in the business…..

Tamra’s gig was a private party….she made $ 11,000.00 simoleons!

Signed a few autographs and sold a few albums after the gig…..Tamra is not at all sure why this fan was laughing….but Tamra was laughing at her swim fins!

Gogi has the wish that someone will tell Sedrick that  fetch is played …..OUTSIDE…..not in the master bedroom.

“I’ll tell ’em Gogi… soon as I can talk! ”  How do you like Lucy Sue’s new hair doo??  I think it is darling!

Potty training….so sweet my teeth hurt!

Learning to talk…..once they start, they never stop ….you know.

Look at that child…..who is Daddy’s girl???

That’s correct Lucy….what a smart girl you are.   Tamra loves these girls to pieces.

Ahhhhh……..Tamra is glad to have some inside her instead of  on her……

This baby grand piano was a gift from the company that makes them… that’s what I call a perk!

Our couple actually had a little time for romance…..the Wooo hooo social actually came up and  by the time they got to the bed….Gogi was asleep on it…..”Wake up Gogi….shoo….”  and just as Tamra’s side of the bed was free….two little angels started crying…..oh well, who has the energy anyway!

 Come to Mama.

Take a big step sweetie….that’s it.  ” Get the camera Carlo…..okay  Sedrick….anybody…….”

You’ve got to be kidding….

Now that the girls have learned all they can from the xylophone and blocks, they were given their  Imaginary Friends.

Gogi is asleep on the bed again……so what’s a couple to do?  That’s right….spar!!

Sedrick loves to cook and work out……guess that is a good combination.

Story time…….. actually, skill time but don’t tell the girls.

Katy Perry ( by EA itself)  dropped in for a performance….babbylegs1970 sent her on tour to Hidden Springs… was a great act!

Tamra sang a little Karaoke before heading home.



Adult/ Vocal Legend/ $3,600 stipend a week/Completed LTW of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


Mastered: Handiness and Logic

Level 9 : cooking

Level 7:  Athletic/Charisma/ Painting

Level 6: Martial Arts/Piano

Level 4: Gardening/ Photography

LTR: The next big thing/ That was deliberate/Inappropriate but in a good way/Engaging/Prepared Travler/Opportunistic/Learned Relic Hunter/Fearless Voyager/Fast Learner/ Meditative Trance Sleep


Adult/Asrtonaut/$530 per hour/ works one day a week/


Mastered: Athletic and Handiness

Level 6: Cooking

Level 5: Martial Arts

Level 3:  Photography

Level 2: Logic

LTR: Profession Simoleon Booster/Prepared Travler/No bills ever/Fast Learner/Super Nanny


Young Adult/ No career


Level 5: Athletic

Level 4: Cooking

Level 2: Logic

LTR:  Change LTW (  changed to Swimming in Cash)



Trained:  Non destructive and Neat

LTR:  Steel Bladder and Best Behavior

Lucy Sue and Suzy Q  are toddlers…..enough said


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. The twins are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! You are making great progress!

  2. Great things are happening. Before you know it the toddler years, er… days will be over. They are so cute with their IF dolls.

  3. Those babies are so cute! You are a good story teller.

  4. going very well I’m enjoying following it, the twins are supercute and I love the glitch shots 🙂


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