Hetty Lionheart Week 7 Day 6 continued……

Welcome home Birdie… I am sure my minions will love you as much as I do!

Who’s in charge here???

Your fearless narrator  was otherwise distracted and one of  Mama’s minions ate the birdie……along comes Hetty….

I am not kidding you……Hetty looked up at the screen….my laptop screen…. and told me it couldn’t possibly be the fault of  her minions….they are only cats…..I’d better do a better job or I will meet  Birdie’s fate!

So, I checked on the health of the shrew…..it is fine….whew…..

Pickles had a wish to eat a fish…..( hehehe….rhymes) so here you go…..enjoy!

Here we go around the flea merry-go round….. (curse you EA programer who thought this was funny!)

Time to get that thumb green!

Hetty heard a rumor that there is an incense burner that speeds up your skill learning…..so off to China we go!

Yummmmmmmmm…egg rolls….Hetty maybe insane but she knows what is good to eat! ( now I am hungry)

Another peaceful night in China…..

The next day we work on her athletic skill

Martial Arts training.

Consoled a good friend.

Charisma  skill increases.

Jabbers to self….charming!

Hurmph…..why do catacombs always have deep pools and some type of fire trap…Hetty shrugs to self.

I am not sure whether it was Hetty’s body odor of her insane trait that freaked this poor sim out.

Did a bit of sparing….

Photo Opt…..maybe she’ll get a deodorant commercial out of it…..

Would you look at that!  Hetty wants to learn that trick!

Grabbed a book and read until the swoosh arrived…..Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Lookie what the kitties got ….I must admit Hetty pilfered it from “buydebug” 😀


Mama got herself a new bed……super sleep!

Got a promotion and bought  a telescope…..logic skill now needed.

Evil of course!

Mwaaaaaaaaaa  Hwaaaaaaaaaaaa   Hwaaaaaaaaa……Hetty is boiling the water now.

The alarm woke Hetty….she ran to the front of the house….when will these 2-bit thieves ever learn…..although Hetty couldn’t help cheer when her comrade  whipped  the local officer’s behind!

Another opportunity to go to Egypt… Hetty hopes Youssef is still  available.

Looooooooking Goooooooooood!

Hetty wasted  no time in proposing!

I do!  I do too!  How romantic.

Back to base camp…..let’s get the honeymoon started.

The objective is to disarm traps…….

Hetty found a potty….along with a keystone.

Hetty inserts the keystone while Yousseff admires his wedding ring.

” Wait Kitten…..the sign said to go in the purple one….!” shouted Youssef.   “So it did , my pet” purred Hetty.

“Remember how to get back here my sweet….it seems important. ”  Which one said this???  I am not sure.

Team work!

The next day Hetty accepted a challenge to disarm traps in a local basement…..it did not start off well…..

Youssef did not escape the wrath of the basement…

Not again!

Our leader passed out….don’t let word get back to the boss……

Back at base camp Youssef caught Hetty rummaging in the trash….he wasn’t too happy….what other secrets does she have????

Back home Hetty tried to check in with her contact…..it seemed she was stuck and burning!

Hetty found her all safe and snug at her home….made contact.

Now that is hunky pose , if I ever saw one….Hetty agrees.

Youssef wastes no time in discovering potions…..he must make the one that will make his love a young adult again.

Oh……he sings while he fishes….now that is impressive!

Hetty practiced  her domination of the world speech in her newly decorated  bathroom…..Youseff did the redecorating.

Hetty reads her book for work while her devoted husband works towards her new youth….he is much better than a cat…..don’t repeat that to the minions!

Youssef wrote the thank you notes.

Weeeeeeee…….no more fleas!

still not caught all the way up yet.



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A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. This is so funny! You capture the greatest pictures and you captions are so funny.

  2. Youssef is much better than a cat… Me-Ow!!!


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