Hetty Lionheart: Week 7 Day 6

 Hetty got a call with another opportunity to travel  to Egypt…..off we go….Meow!

An interesting choice for Hetty’s travel attire!

Works a bit on the Charisma skill.

Took a little time out to harass the world.

 Well, lookie here….Hetty has met herself a sweetheart and he is handsome….and NOT and elder!

 A little fun…..

Oooooooo…more fun!

Things are definitely looking up!

Excuse our rudeness, let us introduce: Youssef ….ermmmmm….let just call him….sexy pants…Youssef Sexypants….there you go….he is flirty and friendly.

Time for a little relic hunting! Insert  keystone…..MEOW!

I hope Youssef doesn’t mind “Cat-like” behavior!

What fun…..a mime!  Applause…tip!


A little skill boosting at Youssef ‘s home.

Hetty worked her self to exhaustion ….a good excuse to join sexypants in bed.

Increasing her athletic skill….nice outfit!

Making friends.

More jogging….sand is much cooler on the tootsies at night.


Awwwwww…..a birdy…..come to Mama….smoochie!  (Tastes like chicken…..Muawwwwww Hwaaaaa Hwaaaa)

Jogging above the sand is harder than it looks.

All this sand makes one’s posterior itchy!

Oooooooooooooo…..a goodie!  Oh, and there is shiny gold thingy too!

What?  How was I suppose to know you were sleeping in there! See ya ….

Good thing  “Old Smelly Bandages”  was disoriented…..Hetty escaped!

Eeeeeegads!  Is this the end??

 Ha! Hetty escaped….although something smells like burnt mummy……

Okay….burnt Hetty!

Nothing a little good night’s sleep wouldn’t cure…..who did I say we were  calling “Sexypants”???

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..for no particular reason.

Again with the fire traps????

A little dipsy-do  to cool off and find a switch or something ….


Hetty senses something is up….the stench and feeling of hot breath on the back of her neck is a dead give away!

Is this the end??

Take that you big oaf! Nobody messes with Hetty Lionheart!!

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…. “Bandage Breath” turned into dust!

Hetty collected  B.B.’s ashes….peeeeee ewwwwwww….he still stinks!

Just had enough time to call Youssef   and nab a book from the bookshelf before being swooshied  back  home.



This is about a third of the way to week 7 Day 6…..stay tuned….more fun to come!


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

7 responses »

  1. LOL – loving Hetty still – she’s a nutter and dresses like a pimp.
    also brilliant line this: “All this sand makes one’s posterior itchy!” bwah ha ha ha! 😀

  2. Love this chapter. Sexypants! Lol!

  3. Thank you, I know…she is a hoot!


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