Hetty Lionheart: Week 7 Day 6/All Caught up!

The days are ticking away and Hetty  feels Grimmy breathing down her back…..no worries……she’ll just whoop his tuchis….although she’d rather just drink the potion.

Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Bow to your Queen minions!!!!

Now Hetty glows a lovely shade of red….isn’t that attractive…..the down side might be that most sims boo and give her the thumbs down…..of  course, Hetty cackles with glee when this happens…..that ‘s why we love her!

What to purchase with her LTR points……hmmmmmmmm…….let’s think on it shall we.

Youssef congratulates Hetty on her Emperorness.

A peek inside the Super Sleeper…..ummmm….your Royalness…..you forgot to take off your makeup!

Pickles is now an elder.

“Why, thank you my pet…..you know just what I love to hear!” Purrrrrrrs Hetty.

Eureka!! Youssef has discovered the Young Again Potion…..see how proud he looks of himself….as he should.  Mastering the logic skill was necessary.  Bravo!   Hetty wastes no time and downs it……

Well now…..isn’t she pretty….nice Empress of Evil work outfit…..let’s take a looksee in the dresser shall we….

Here are the outfits Hetty aged back  wearing…..lol!

Here are some of her new outfits…..much better, I think.

Here is another Everyday outfit….not athletic….Hetty your a hoot!

Meet Jean….a simbot!  How perfect for a LTR…..Hetty has her very own new best friend…..although every time Hetty walks into a room where Jean is ……Hetty runs from the room with  the  social “A Simbot!” …….who knew the Empress of Evil had a fear.Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Hello?” says Youssef .  ” Affirmative” says Jean.  “HETTY…….”says Youssef.

Jean is a male Simbot.  He is Brave, Can’t stant art, Hydrophobic, a Hopeless Romantic and a Heavy Sleeper.  Has the sign of Libra.  Favorites are Songwriter, Stir-Fry and Sea Foam. Has the LTW  of Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.


He loves to collect scrap.


Finds the coffeemaker intellectually stimulating.

Appears to be in love with the microwave!

Hetty heads back to work after aging back to young adult……..wonder if her subjects will recognize her?

Youssef  keeps busy reading the fishing books.

Jean tries to make friends with the fur balls.

All caught up!


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

10 responses »

  1. Oh what a wonderful chapter.

  2. What a ride! You will have fun with Jean. Simbot tip: They love to eat scrap.

  3. Absolutely hilarious! Great commentary and pictures.

  4. Awesome! Hetty is such an excellent Empress of evil and now she’s a hot young empress with a simbot! 😀
    Well done BG! 🙂


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