Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Hetty Lionheart/A Wasted Life, Reversed, Challenge

Extreme Makeover Home Edition:

  • Give Hetty’s house an extreme makeover.
  • You can use the existing structure and make it look amazing, befitting an Empress of Evil, or you can tear down and rebuild. Your choice, but Hetty must be able to afford whatever you decide to do. (Requires game play challenge.)
  • If you choose to do this, and I dare you to play her and not want to, post pictures in this thread.
  • If you prefer to do this challenge only, keep the costs down to one motherlode.

We want to see what you’ve done. Post your results in this thread or a link to your thread.


  • No money cheats if playing Hetty.
  • Use of Master Controller or a similar mod is limited to information only.
  • Only EA content.(No 3rd Party custom content)


**  This is how Hetty’s house looks so far….the landscaping is a bit lacking !  I tried adding a basement but can’t figure out how…..the Clan of Hetty maybe moving to a new pad in the future. 

Find the original challenge HERE by MerryWiddow @ TS3 Creators Consortium II


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

4 responses »

  1. Fabulous makeover of both her home and Hetty herself. Hetty also was the perfect model for the new hairstyles.
    PS: A basement can be added but it is tricky. If you use the old ‘excavation’ style it can be done. You may need to start outside of the foundation to get the stairs to place correctly.
    If you really want a basement I can give you some more ideas via Skype.

  2. This looks wonderful BG. I hope to see you on Skype.


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