Hetty Lionheart: Goals Met!! Week 10 Day 5 (12:40 pm)

We find our group on a night out on the town…..

Here are the pics from the photo booth ….funny!

Jean starts fulling his LTW of Golden Fingers/Golden Tongue.

Youssef  tried out the Ghost Potion…..Oh My!  Don’t worry, it only lasted for a few hours.

Awwwww….trying out the couch….sweet bug dreams minion!

Hetty is expecting 😀  Why is the bed outside?  Funny you should ask…..The Lionhearts have the super sleeper beds (with no whoo hoo/try for baby options) and the showers tell them they do not have a sim on the lot they can whoo hoo with even though they are married…….so time for a little fresh air……

A  massage …..how thoughtful!

Boil the water!

A whole lot of yelling….name calling….

The arrival of Felicia Lionheart was a blessed one…..who would of thought this  sim would EVER have a baby when this challenge started!?!  Traits: Evil (of course) and Disciplined.  Favs:  Rock a billy/Key Lime Pie/Red. Sign: Sagittarius.

Time to work off the extra baby weight!

Hetty works on her charisma skill……

Felicia aged up to a toddler…..after 2 sim days. 😀

Hetty shows off her post-baby body….now we are reminded this is a game….lol!

Potty training…..what a good girl!

Look who has learned how to walk!

and talk!

How cute is this…..

Getting ready for the Masters……Jean wants a Green Jacket!

Ouch…..is a minion jealous of Felicia?

Fancy fishing…..a perfect red herring …

Cuddle time!

Read 20 minutes a day with your child!

Hetty caught  Youssef  flirting with the maid……It couldn’t possibly be  my pet’s fault ( even though he has the flirty trait)……

First…..kiss and make up!

Second: “Look….I like you and all….but I am gonna have to have you terminated…..Ummmmm…..literally. Nothing personal, sweety.”  Mwuhaaaaaaaaaaaa….Hwaaaaaaaaaaa…..Hwaaaaaaaaaaa…… ( You didn’t forget Hetty was evil, did ya??)

Let’s try a Butler….another female?  Could be trouble….better get Knuckles on standby…..

More Reading to Felicia.

Well, that didn’t last long…..even gave her spanking new butler’s quarters…..ungrateful minion!

20 friends for Hetty!! ( Dances around the room)

Works on logic skill……must master…..must master……

New butler….another female minion! Well, she can make lobster…. YOUSSEF……

” I am here my pet, reading to our daughter……”

Eureka!    Hetty has mastered the logic skill!!

Hetty Lionheart has finished  MerryWiddows’ challenge!  What fun this has been!!!  I hope more of you give this a try.  
I am planing on continuing this family for several more generations.  



  • Get a job in the Criminal career  Check
  • Master Athletic Check
  • Master Logic Check
  • Improve Charisma skill – master if you can Check
  • Have 20 friends Check
  • Become THE EMPRESS OF EVIL  Check


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Great job BG. I’m so glad you had fun with this.

  2. Anybody notice the Gif for the marital arts picture? I was sooooo proud of myself….hehehehe 😀


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