They’re coming to take me away: Week 20 Day 7

Tamra read to Lucy Sue.

Played for tips.

Signed an autograph.

Sedrick redid his room…..a vehicle enthusiast.  Yep…that is the Hover Bed…..everyone in the family unit loves it.


Yipes!  This happens often and makes me extremely nervous every time!

Grimmy gets around Hidden Springs often.

A bit on the creepy side if you ask me…….

Sedrick floating around town….where’s your vehicle, enthusiast??

Birthday girl! (Lucy Sue)

Sparkling make you cross-eyed!

Traits:  Loves the outdoors/Genius/Ambitious  and a 3 star celebrity!  LOL.

Make a wish Suzy Q!

Taaaaaaaahhhhh…..Daaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Traits: Brave/Virtuoso/Eccentric.  Also a three star celeb.

Gogi is still going strong!


Now that is a car!

Lucy’s new doo!

Suzy has one too!

You tell me how Gogi carried that rock home…!

Still fun.

Mom does a little tutoring.

Carlo keeps up his martial arts training .

First day of  school for the twins.

Creepy Field trip….each received a painting type thing to hang on the wall….gee whiz….thanks a bunch….wouldn’t want to forget the trip to Shady Pines Historical Cemetery.

Yum! Dirty counter….I mean…..Key Lime Pie… that has an extra zingy taste……ewwwwwww!

“And they lived happily ever after… go to sleep.”

The girls aren’t feeling so well…..must be a bug going around…..yhea…’s called Key Lime  Dirty Counter Pie!

“I am sorry….do you think I wanted to make everyone sick??? ”

Must master logic skill before completing elementary school…..ambitious for sure!

“Hey…..I’m ambitious too… secrete the growth hormone while you sleep, you know…..that’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

Bought the Extra Creative LTR….pretty cool.

Stuck-o-rama…..poor Gogi….he’s too old for this kinda stuff.

A little tutoring before school….jez Mom!

“Ha…..let’s just see who masters logic first…….”(sticks tongue out).

“Would it kill someone to lift the lid and do a little cleaning around here!”

“Get that leg up higher!”

” And the very smart Princess did not start dating until she turned a Young Adult… go to sleep, sis.”

” And the very smart Princess did not start dating until she turned a Young Adult… go to sleep, sissy.”


Giggles….” I know…isn’t Daddy so cute when he tells us that bedtime story!” Giggles…..


Still in love……

Thanks so much for reading! 😀


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Love this story. The girls grew up so cute.

  2. LOL, Key Lime Dirty Counter Pie! 😀


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