Rags to Riches: Tumulas Deosil Legacy

I started playing this wonderful challenge by Cyron43, some time ago,  Rags to Riches find it here.

I am too lazy to move all my pictures from my original thread to here so you can catch up @ Buttonsginger’s Rags to Riches  on TS3 CC II 

I am using Forever the 50’s Populated  by auntielynds and the members of TS3 CC

We will start with Week 15 Day 4

The maid told Tumulas  she hoped that a swarm of files engulfed her home after being fired! Nasty….

Lucy’s birthday!

Yep….she is a charmer!  Traits: Loves the outdoors/Genius.  Favs: Soul/Falafel/Blue.  Sign: Cancer

See…..a real charmer 😀

Thomas interviewed a potential suspect……

A Vamp out in broad daylight….no smoke….yep….bet he is guilty!

Potty training…..isn’t that the one of the cutest potties you’ve seen?

Not sure if Lucy likes her IF or not….lol!

Celebrity Spotting!  Jackie Kennedy  O_O

HHFunds are at 8,743.00 Simoleons.

Now let’s see how much better I can do after playing Hetty Lionheart and Tamara Phreeson (ISBI)……..I have learned a lot with those two challenges.


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

10 responses »

  1. Love Lucy.. She is a cutie!! I am very happy to see this story continued 🙂

  2. So glad you are continuing this. Love the story.

  3. Lucy is soooo cute! 😀

  4. Bravo on continuing this story. I an looking forward to following the family rise to riches. 😉

  5. Lucy is a cutie, and having jus read the rules of this challenge I congratulate you for getting this far!


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