Rags to Riches: Week 18 Day 7 ( I think) Part One.

Lucy  is sooooooo cute!  I love this freezer bunny outfit .

Tumulas started building her logic skill.

Marina is worn out  just watching Thomas!

Fun with the Baby Brainiac Peg Toybox.

” 1,2, Buckle my shoe….3, 4 close the door….5,6 pick  up sticks……7,8 lay them straight…..9,10  a big fat hen!”  Sweet dreams.

Thomas turned in a couple stakeout reports and hacked  a few data bases……

Helped Auntielynds with a case by…….

snooping through unsuspecting sims’ mail.


Who’s the birthday girl?????

Sparkle Farkles…..

 Wow…..you’d think that would hurt, now wouldn’t you….Lucy says “Nope….not even a itsy bitsy bit.”

Lucy’s Birthday present was to have her room redecorated.  She is very pleased.

First day of elementary school. ( with a new wardrobe and hairstyle)

Tumulas continued to improve her handiness skill and mastered it!  Bravo!


Thomas sampled a fortune cookie. I have now idea how to read Simlish ….do you?

How to Speak Simlish in  6 Steps


Teaching the birds to speak simlish….what fun!  Hey….maybe I listen next time 😀

Dinner conversation seemed to focus on curfew….I think.

Lucy took  The 390 out for a spin around the neighborhood.

Father and Daughter night out on the town….much fun was had by all!

Look who else was there…..The Widdows….looks like a night of romance 😀

Mommy Rules…..Upgrade!!

This is just too cute.

What a fantastic  butler!

Spear has passed on…..too bad…..he was a good bird.

Lucy and Cosmo are bestest friends forever…….I love this thing!

“Please clean up for me, Cosmo”  says Lucy…….” Sure thing!”  replies Cosmo.


Look who is expecting!  How wonderful 😀


Tumulas reads Lucy the cooking skill book for a bed time story…..what a clever mommy!

“Aliens!  Take cover!”

“Hold on…..I thought you picked me from the cabbage patch!”

“Hrump……cabbage patch….must learn science….will not be fooled again.”

Staking out…..hmmmmm…Thomas, I think everyone can see you!


Rummaging…..and sinking into the sand!

“2×2 is 4….3×3 is 9…..”

Mourning another bird.


Feeding steak to the omini plant in the community gardens.


Thomas had to check in Jackie Kennedy’s Cane?

Working in the garden.

Thomas ran into Shante Schaffer….it appears she didn’t know she was nude.  ( My game has no naked tops or bottoms.  I went into her dresser and checked and no nude tops and  bottoms  showed……but she did have two bare feet in her work outfit.)


Thomas received the key to the city for reaching level 10 in the private investigator career.  ( We love his outfit…don’t we girls)

Barbara Streisand was very happy for Thomas…..ummmmmm…he doesn’t even know her.

( Bonus Thomas pose  :D)


Think I will end it here…..give the Thomas Fan Club time  to recover.  Stay tuned!


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

6 responses »

  1. Great chapter!
    “Thomas had to check in Jackie Kennedy’s Cane?” ROFL!!!!!

  2. I love this chapter. So funny!

  3. Awesome! loving this so far.
    Lucy is so cute, I still can’t deal with the IFs myself but she seems to be making use of hers.
    Also never knew having level 10 handiness meant a discount on stuff, this game still surprises me!

    • This was the first IF I actually am able to let my sim interact with…..and I lost it somehow?? There is so much I don’t know about this game…..I love discovering new things.


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