Rags to Riches: Appaloosa Plains Week 4 Day 3 (Part 1)

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Within minutes of arriving in Appaloosa Plains ( Lot and all) Tumulas went into labor with her second child.

Welcome  Joel Deosil.  A  clumsy but brave Taurus, who likes turquoise, pancakes and roots music.

Lucy brought a friend home from school and ……

her pet dog….who made itself right at home.

Thomas was so pleased with Joel.

Lucy and her classmates went on a field trip and apparently she was starving!

Thomas’ first job was to help Hetty Lionheart with a case…..this Hetty is a stylist…..can’t you tell by her hat??

Tumulas  tried out the new PowerMax 50×120.

Busy, busy, Busy…..

Tumulas had to call the neighbor kids down out of the tree house and tell them to go home.

Trying out The Not So Routine Machine.  Fun stuff!

It is not appropriate to skinny dip on a lot with a child……

Whoo Hooing on the other hand, is just fine….lol.

Tumulas sampled some fried bacon ice cream…..uhhhh…..yummy? Apparently, yes it is!

Still busy…..breaking in a home for Hetty…..are we sure she is a stylist? Lol.

Back at home…..fried ice cream…now Tumulas has the stuffed moodlet. Lol!

Peek-A-Boo! ( How sweet is that?)

Turning in some stake out reports.

Joel aged up to a toddler….now where did I put that freezer bunny suit????

Found it!  I am sure Joel is upset that the block doesn’t fit in the hole…it couldn’t be the outfit…lol!

Couldn’t resist posting this capture…what a good boy. Too bad it is not this easy in RL!

Fried Fish…..who has been using the fryer again???  ( Don’t make me take it way!)

Thomas announces he will be taking Lucy on a trip to China…..a quick kiss before heading out. (Seriously….would you let Thomas leave without one??)

A capture from the “airplane”.

Thomas encouraged Lucy to increase her skills while he checked the adventure board.  ( I thought she would go up to the chess table at base camp but instead she pulled a potion out of her inventory and mixed it…..cool!)

A trip to the market….by car….Lucy thinks this a Great idea….lol.

Time for a little logic skill building.

Dinner…..guess they needed a little time apart from each other…lol!

A nice surprise for Lucy….fireworks to end the first night.

Thomas had just finished placing the family tent when Lucy ambushed him from behind!

Bed time. ( Lucy had to go all the way back to base camp….I tried stopping her but I couldn’t…..and then return to the market before going in the tent to sleep)

Pancakes with chopsticks….fun!    This is where things went all hinky on me….Thomas pulled his car out and they hopped in….it was in the middle of the market , which I thought would make a super cool capture….the roofs on the buildings looked  a little winky….so  I went into the options panel and tweaked the “High Detail Lots” slider….then went back out into the game and……

I could only see about a third of the screen….still in game so I quit without saving……reopened the game….the intro  ran fine, along with the loading screen but this is what I got next.  Thankfully, MerryWiddow helped me restore my  options to  a previous version….and Voila! I was back in business…..Thank you MW!!

Joel playing with his clumsy trait shining through….lol!

Learning to walk….


Express emotions….

Remember….a child capacity to learn is greatest during the first three years…..errrrrmmmmm…..15 sim days…..of his/her life.

Joel is not letting his IF out of his sight….he heard about how  Cosmo just vanished one day and he sees how Lucy looks at Boinky.

After selling her produce at the market, Tumulas befriended this little guy…..named him, Graculus (love the name generator).

Took a deep breath and sent Thomas and Lucy on another trip….he had the option to go jogging in Egypt.

Lucy played chase with local and worked on her logic skill with the  telescope. Thomas bought them both Hikon QX40di Gladiator cameras and the photography skill books.  Lucy can take pictures with the camera but can’t read the book yet.

Thomas spent his time exploring the Sphinx and cramming all the loot he could in his inventory.  They ran  to the market and each started reading a book just as time ran out.

I found this upon arrival……Lol!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comments are wanted  and welcomed.  Till next time 😀


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  1. 😉 Looks like the whole family are having a good time here!

  2. Awesome update. You are welcome for the help. Anytime. I’m so pleased you were able to continue.

  3. Finally catching up on your stories. I was so glad that Tumulas finally gave birth to Lucy and now Joel too. Your pics of the China trip are super along with the story. Xoxo- Deb

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting debbi 😀 Tumulas’ first pregnancy went smoothly….it was Joel that had the glitch. I am just glad everything seems to be running as it should now.

  4. A family trip that went well. Wonderful! A wonderful family and story.


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