Rags to Riches: Appaloosa Plains Week 4 Day Day 3 (Continuation)

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We start off with the celebration of Lucy’s birthday…..


Looks like she’s got the teenager attitude down…..lol!  Definitely in need of a makeover…..

That’s better! ( LOL……I just love the bunny suit)

Thomas teaches Marina how to shake…….in his sexy bathing suit…..can I help it if this sim continually plays in the sprinkler or works out when he is home????? What???

Just what every teenager needs for her birthday…..the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll…..which is now bound to Franscesca Farrington….OOOooooooooo….this should be fun!

Let’s see……Lucy decides to Bless Franscesca…..how nice!

Pins and Needles…..wonder how this will turn out….Lucy looks excited…..

Oh my…….

Wonder which is worse….pin to the foot or counter to the face???

Needle to the head removes face from counter…..good to know!

Tumulas agrees to teach Lucy how to drive as long as she leaves the voodoo doll at home……and apparently her Mother…lol.

Attacks Joel….with claw….no worries…whewwww.  Seriously, this girl is starting to worry me!

Getting ready for school….yep…..I just wanted an excuse to post another capture of the bunny suit.

Tumulas’ hard work in the garden is really starting to pay off….a perfect money tree produces a money tree seed!  Fantastic!

She also received omini seeds in the mail…..here she has produced Mood-Lite Candles and Lobsters ( yep….they look like fish but are actually lobsters when harvested….magical! ) Looks like a little weeding is in order….now let’s see…..yep….Thomas is playing in the sprinkler……..

Joel!  Look who aged up with out us…..oh darn….I missed the shot….He was actually on the potty and  I got a notice it was his birthday….it was after 8pm and poof….child.

Maybe a bedroom of his very own will make up for it….never mind it is in the basement.

Yhea! A Drum set…..nuts….he can’t play them….why do I keep forgetting that children can’t play the instruments….because it it is DUMB, that is why!

I like this furniture….not sure that I would.

I am sure Joel will appreciate the view of the digital fish from his drum set in a few years….ermmmm….sim  days.

I did catch Boinky aging up….that’s pretty neat and creepy at the same time.  I still laugh when the IF  saunters around the house.

“Hi ya Boinky, I aged up” says Joel.  “Gosh, no kidding….me too” replies Boinky.

Tumulas heard Joel giggling  and walked in to see what was so funny……she watched him for some time and then turned and walked towards the bookcase….should she be worried? Nawwwwwww…..

Although, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched  the entire time she read Joel to sleep.

Thomas keeps up the PI work….. it can get a little rough sometimes.

Lucy heads to prom.

Voted Prom Queen…but no date……hmmmmmm…..let’s see what we can do.

Thomas earned an ExtraorninAIRe-Inator as a LTR.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..nothing beats a good meditation.

Tumulas  notices Joel practicing chess….ummmmm….did she just see a chess piece move by itself……maybe Joel is not the one she should be worried about…..wait…..didn’t Lucy talk to her about an imaginary friend once……Tumulas though she was just pretending…….

Pillow Fight!

Thomas trains Lucy…..let’s get some muscle on those bones!

Joel’s not too sure how much he likes fishing…..

Uhhhhhhh……Oooooooo….what is Lucy up to?  I think I’d better find her a distraction before she really harms someone or something.

There we go…..Meet Ussan Nahari….Lucy’s new boyfriend. He is a teen, of course, and has the traits of  Excitable, Angler, Computer Whiz, Genius…..seems like a good catch to Lucy.

You can download Ussan Here.  Thank you EuphorialQueen for sharing your super creation!

Tumulas grows her first skill book and sells the harvest.

Bless his heart…..Joel feeds the dead fish.  I didn’t have the heart to make him scoop it out.

Joel and a Paparazzi became stuck at the end of the front walk….by things that are not there….weird.

TeeeeeHeeeeeee….Bunny sighting!

Thomas greeted their new neighbor with pillow fight….what’s that?  You can’t really see him…..well, let me help you out…..

Meet Jonathan Rhys Meyers by lionpaws: Get Him Here.

What’s this???  A Dusty Old Lamp…..Tumulas’ current LTR.


Wish for Fortune granted…..yikes…..

Apparently, this is what  $100,000.00 simoleons feels like.

Lol….even the Genie likes the ice cream machine ( uncontrollable sim at this point).

Joel shows off his scout badges ( this feature I like very much).

Marina eats some Cranerlet Naula Grapes right off the vine….lol…..I’ve never seen that before.

Thomas seems to be drawing more attention as he does his stakeouts….this time a paparazzi takes his picture.


Let’s see where the total funds are at this point….the goal is to reach 1 million Simoleons….if I remember correctly.

Worth of the property: $279,997.00 /Family Funds: $ 173,241.00    Total: $454,238.00

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  1. Love the new additions to your story. 😉
    Looks like Lucy will be an interesting teen.

  2. Hi Buttons,
    I love the way your screenshots catch the story. Well done as ever. 🙂
    Sheesh I’m baffled about your fantasy and I’d never imagined how successful my challenge would become.
    Thank you for sharing this great story.

  3. Lucy certainly is quirky and seems to have found an equally quirky boy..lol
    not sure about that bunny suit I must confess…is that a showtime thing?
    When I saw the Jonathan Reyes Myers sim I thought *oooh tasty* figures as I find him pretty tasty in RL too 😉
    The imaginary friends still creep me out, I’d be worried like his Mother also!
    The challenge is going well though x

    • I am not entirely sure…..but I think the bunny suit is either pets or showtime. I am glad your enjoying following this challenge….thank you so much for reading and commenting. 😀

  4. lol Great update!


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