Multitab 6000 (in game shots)

I find this a lot of fun and it is great that our sims can multitask.  I haven’t had too much time to explore this but the Listen to Tabcast appears to be skill building , I’ve seen two different online social game screens, you can buy books directly from the book store and read books that are in the bookshelves on the sims’ lot ( I am assuming anything in the inventory also….but I am not sure). I’ve only had time to try this on the household lot ….not sure how it works while they are out and about.  Thanks for reading….comments welcomed , as always.


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A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Thank you so much for this information.

  2. EuphorialQueen

    I took my Sim to China and she was using this autonomously. And she chose several Tab casts herself. I need to check the books available but while at a park (home world) she had no books in her inventory. She was able to choose any owned book to read.
    It is a useful and fun item. Appreciate the shared pictures. Great Sims by the way.

    • How interesting to know they can use it when traveling….that hadn’t even occurred to me yet! Thanks for sharing that info 😀 Those are my Jetson Family (Judy, Elroy, and the back of George’s head…Jane is not picture) ….I hope to upload them soon. Thanks for reading and commenting EQ.

  3. Thanx for this post…

  4. It’s great isn’t it? Only don’t let technophobe sims near it, I have a technophobe magician and she kept trying to sabotage it. lol 😀


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