Acces-SIM-orize: A Sims 3 Challenge for you: Join the F U N!

* Start a new save and open CAH ( Create-A-Household) and find this Pre-Made Sim

* Find her here

*I have all EPs…..I am assuming this is a base game pre-made sim so, as long as you have The Sims 3 I would assume you can find her.

* Third Party CC may be used.


*The goal of this challenge is for everyone to start with the same sim and “Acces-SIM-orize” her into your own creation.

*You may change everything about her: Hair/Age/Gender/Skin tone/Weight/Muscle tone/Looks/Clothing/ Etc.

* Put your creation into a capture of something you celebrate or enjoy doing in the month of JUNE.
(Examples of but not limited to: Weddings/Last day of school/ Father’s day/Official Holidays in your country.)

Entry Form:

Three Captures:
1) Headshot
2) Head to Toe (in the outfit of your choosing)
3) In game or Edited Capture of your creation in a JUNE Activity.
** All three captures may be put into a collage if you wish.**

You may post your entry on TS3 CC II/Acces-SIM-orize  or My Facebook Event Page  or  My TS3 Challenge Thread.

Helpful links: Create-A-Sim Defined This tutorial is a work in progress. If you have any questions just ask.This is an open ended challenge. I will post a pre-made sim for the following months.  
No prizes…..this is for fun 😀
Thanks for reading and comments and questions are always welcomed.

About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. TS3 forum thread link has been added 😀

  2. Facebook Event page link added.

  3. I’m gonna go to some gardening…..yes, RL gardening not simming….lol. I will be back on later this evening.

    Don’t be shy and join us….you know you want to 😀

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