Specialized Sims: Come Share/Recommend and Download.

This is the place to share your Specialized Sims

Do you have any Sims that you care to share that have a specialty? Do they have a particular skill level maxed out? Is their inventory filled with every book known to sims?? Have they traveled to the far reaches and have their inventories full of loot? Did they reach the top level their chosen career? If so share them with us by posting a reply in this thread  @ TS3 CC II.

Here are a few Specialized sims made by our members  at TS3 CC II 

Tumulas Deosil by ButtonsgingerLindsay Sciuto by MerryWiddow

Bonnie Ayres by MerryWiddow

Diana Devine by Noeddehaven

Thomas (Magnum) Deosil by Buttonsginger

The Burtons – Joyce and Tobias by Euphorial Queen

You can also leave a comment here with your link if you wish.
Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed!
Buttons 😀

About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. I thought I added Joyce & Tobias Burton to the thread. They both have maxed a majority of the available skills. They also have items in personal inventories.


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