Thank you deviouslyvivid !!! Manly Man Modeling Cycle 2/ Assignment 1 results

The results came in for assignment 1 of  Simtech’s  Manly Man Modeling Competition .  See all entries from this round HERE

Me and Aric came in last place with a total of 80 points out of 120.

Original entry

 I was not surprised after seeing all the other entries….fabulous job everyone!   I had no idea why my capture was so small compared to the other entries and posted a comment in the challenge thread .    One of the other contestants , deviouslyvivid,  unselfishly  walked me through how to set my options and what screen ratio I could use to make my captures larger and sharper…….here is the result:

How about them apples!?!  I couldn’t believe the difference.

Here are what my options look like now:

**My screen ratio is actually set to 1600 x900….this is the largest setting I have on my laptop.**

Eliminations start with assignment 5.

Thank for reading and comments are always welcomed.

Buttons 😀


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Aww, sweetie. You are sooo welcome and I was more than happy to help! You can definitely see a lot more detail now that Aric is bigger and better lol


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