MMM Cycle 2: Assignment 3 Escort Agnes Crumplebottom to a Charity Event

Assignment 3: Escort Agnes Crumplebottom to a Charity/Fundraiser.

We were allowed to change anything about Agnes except her features and skintone. Have our Manly Man escort her to an event. 

Here is my entry:

Two days ago, Agnes requested that Aric escort her to the First Annual Freezer Bunny Gnomes Are Misunderstood Cook Off Fundraiser. Sunset Valley is overrun by the little critters and they are being exterminated in huge numbers by the townspeople. Agnes hopes to draw a large crowd with the scrumptious aroma of grilled hot dogs….no sim can resist free food….especially the legacy founders… and enlighten them with the little known fact that there is a 0.1% chance of a Freezer Bunny Gnome spawning every time a dog barks or cat freaks out at the fridge. ” Love don’t hate….Freezer Bunny Gnomes are great! ” could be heard through out Sunset Valley. 

Park used: Painted Ladies Park by auntielynds in Tiny CAS Island

I can’t exactly remember what I placed. We are waiting on scores for Assignment 4….The Olympics….wow….was it fun…and the entries were outstanding!  
Thanks for reading. Comments Welcomed 
Buttons 😀

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