Wild Wild West World: Sims & Residential Builds





As promised, here are  a few captures of just some of the  outstanding  Sims and Residential Builds

created by the members of TS3 Creators’ Consortium II

for Wild Wild West World

Download Wild Wild West World Here

Click on images for better view



created by Auntielynds


created by Friday

282 Old Prairie Road

The Deers  

created by Meresimp

Green and Gray

created by Meresmip

284 Old Prairie Road

Hayman Black

created by Sid13




Market House

created by Friday

287 Lone Prairie Trail




Fragrant Garden Estate 

created by lionpaws

283 Lone Prairie Trail


created by lionpaws

Rustic Ranch created by Meresimp

281 Lone Prairie Trail

The Barkley’s 

created by Buttonsginger

The Pedro Estate 

created by Pieta

254 Rustler Road

The Battes

created by FraternalHero

The Hillrose

 created by Dini60

246 Linton’s Loop


 created by InaMac69

K’ utepa’ iwe

created by clayworld

215 Last Chance Mine Road


created by clayworld

Indian Reservation

created by Meresimp

223 Tillamook Trail Road

Mineshaft Minors 

created by Euphorial Queen


created by Auntielynds

178 Eureka Gulch End


created by Euphorial Queen

The Baby Ship

created by Auntielynds

198 Klondike Bluff

Hmmmmmmm…..looks like something may have landed here from Outer Space….Shhhhhhhh….mums the word.

See Sim Population Here

See Builds Here

Come and join our next Community Project @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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  1. Awesome. Thank you very much for posting this. I love all the Sim’s posing for the picture.


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