Come and Help Populate Sim Ju Baba….TS3 Creators’ Consortium II New Community Project with Auntielynds.

A Tropical Island set off the coast of Africa.

Do you have a sim that’s in the SWPP (Sim Witness Protection Program)? Or maybe a family member who needs to be relocated? We are looking for colorful island characters to populate Sim Ju BaBa.


**Upload as a household without skills (Do not play your household). Nothing in inventory except diplomas.**

** Add a description to your household be sure to include your creator name:**

How to add description to your household before exporting from edit town

** Keep in mind we need a wide variety of shapes and sizes and traits.**

Single households:

Young adults:
( in any household combination) * Pets can be added.
Females 7 65
Male 7 5
(14 sims in total)

(in any household combination) *Pets can be added.
3 male
3 female
(6 sims in total)

Family Households:

(any combination of Adult to Toddler) *Pets can be added. 

3 families of 4 human sims

4 families of 3 human sims

2 families of 5 human sims

2 1 familes of 6 human sims

**All EPs and SPs up to Showtime**

**No Custom Patterns (even ones made with CAP)**

** No Third Party Custom Content** (Third party Sliders are permitted.)

**Store Content To be included:
(click image for link)

Japanese Inspired Clothing collection 

African Inspiration Collection

Buccaneer’s Bounty

Beech Bummin’

Life’s A Beach(Swim)

Cante Captivating 

** Sign up and  your households @ my  TS3 CC II Thread/Here.**

Any and all households created for this project will be considered as long as they are free of any third party custom content. 


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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