MMM Assignment 7 plus results.

Results for Assignment 5: I came fourth in the round…..but was eliminated from the competition by one point.

Then a contestant had to leave the competition so I was asked back since I was next in the point tally. 

Assignment 6:

Model: Aric Willis

Back to the Past:

Without notice Aric was sucked through a portal and materialized some where around the year 1975…..right in the middle of a Funkadelic radio station….no one seemed startled that Aric suddenly appeared. The D.J., Venus Flytrap, looked him straight in the eyes and said and I quote: “Can you dig it?”

Watch WKRP in Cincinnati

Back to the future:

Suddenly, the portal appeared and sucked Aric out of the 70’s and directly into 3015. The town looked normal but there was a deafening loud sound. Just as Aric held his hands over his ears to block the noise…was that croaking? He felt a cool,clammy hand grab his arm and everything went dark. The next thing he realized his arms were high over his head and he was surrounded by….by.. Frogs? Toads? Thank goodness he could understand them…apparently Sims were now the minority….and slaves. Aric closed his eyes tight and waited for the portal to open…….

Back to the Past…..I finally got a Wow Picture….10 bonus points. Whoot.

Back to the Future…..Tanked big time….LOL…I knew those Frogs were gonna steal the show!

Two more contestants dropped out….so Aric was spared again! 


About buttonsginger

A Sims3 addict and novice in acrylic painting .

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