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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,900 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The One Lovely Blog Award



The fabulous Jacqui has nominated me for the  One Lovely Blog Award.

Be sure to check out her blog :Jacqui’s Song and leave her a comment or two.


In return, I am to share  7 things about myself and nominate a few blogs I enjoy.

7 things:

Let’s see…….

1) I am a mother, wife and daughter.  All titles I hold dear.

2) I love to garden.  I did not say I am good at it but never the less, every spring I start my vegetable garden with new hopes of a bumper crop!

3) Any one who reads this blog know I am addicted to The Sims 3 but I am also so very fond of all my “virtual” friends in the Sims Community.

4) I just started playing Plants vs Zombies and I am totally hooked!

5) I just received my very first cell phone for Christmas and I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

6) I can’t wait for the new season of  Once Upon A Time (ABC american television program)

7) I love coffee!


Now on to the blogs I am nominating for The One Lovely Blog Award:

All Things Sims 3: by kimwritter75

Nooboo’s Blog: by Friday

MerryWiddow’s Blog:by MerryWiddow

Sim Anarchy: by deviouslyvivid


Congratulations gals….a nomination means you win! Don’t for get to add the image at the top of the page to your sidebar to show you’ve gotten the award!  


Thank you again for my nomination Jacqui, you made my day!! 😀 

Spoiled food and decreasing of quality @ Crinrict’s Help Blog



  • Food in my fridge spoils as soon as I take it out.
  • My perfect food has gone back to normal quality.


  • The Restoration Ritual Spell, which cleans up your house, puts the quality of each meal in fridges to normal and spoil soon after even if you use the best fridge available.
  • Patching to 1.38 made all existing food spoil.


  • Put all food from the fridge in inventories or on counters before casting the spell.. Putting the whole fridge in the family inventory does not work cause it’s the fridge that spoils the food.
  • Clean up any spoiled food and cook new ones.

Spoiled food and decreasing of quality.

Mood Lamp – A source for Issues @ Crinrict’s Help Blog


Mood Lamp – A source for Issues.

Oh….wow….I haven’t even tried this lamp yet.

Money tree can’t be harvested @ Crinrict’s Help Blog


Money tree can’t be harvested.

Jez….EA…get it right. 😛

S-Club Slider Hack 3x Patch v1.38.151/Thumbnails and Sliders (Jaw) Missing in Create A Household

I  noticed that my thumbnails were missing for the basic tabs in Create A Household. The preset faces/mouths and eyes didn’t show in my game either.

After some investigation I have come to the conclusion that the  updated version  S-Club Slider Hack  3x Patch v1.38.151 is causing these thumbnails and some sliders not to show in game.

I had Master Controller v1.38  also installed.

I removed both S-Club slider hack 3x and Master Controller.

Cleared Caches.

Installed just the  S-Club slider hack 3x.

Had the same missing thumbnails and sliders.

Removed  S-Club slider hack 3x.

Cleared Caches.

Installed Master Controller v1.38.

All is working properly.


Darn…..the jaw sliders show but will not move 😡  Which means I will have save the sim….remove all third party sliders…..go back in….adjust jaw sliders….install third party sliders again.  Or something like that to be able to use the jaw sliders. 


You need to have the Integration Module installed to make the slider options work for Master Controller.

Now all is working properly. :thumbsUp:

Thank you to isla87 at simtech for all your help.

It appears after reading comments in the S-Club Slider Hack link above that many others have found this problem also.  Hopefully the creators will address the issue.

Town overrun by Zombies Solution by Crinrict


Town overrun by Zombies


I thought we were only supposed to get Zombies on Full Moon Nights, yet I have them during the day and any other night as well


It seems this is caused when you save on a full moon.


Avoid saving between 5PM to 8PM the night of a full moon.

If you already have the issue in your game, try to remove all existing Zombies with the cheat

Open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c

Shift-Click on the Mail Box

Choose Supernatural Population Control

Choose Remove Supernatural from the world


Repeat until all Zombies are turned back (cheat does not have to be entered again)

via Town overrun by Zombies.

EA Cash Card Errors


Look at the link below for info:

EA Cash Card Errors.

See Mettalic Pussycat @


Mettalic Pussycat.

Free Simpoints @ Your My Page on TS3 Forums


I got 1000.   Thanks for posting Flobo @The Simmers Society.

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