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Sims 3 framework for .package files; A Step by Step Picture Tutorial

I wrote a quick picture tutorial for setting up the framework needed for .package files in The Sims 3.  You can find it over at  TS3 CC II


Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.

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How to make an Animated GIF

First Download Photoscape Here

Open the program:
Click on

Find screenshots ( My Documents/Electronic Arts/ The sims 3/screenshots)

Drag your captures to the center and they will appear at the top of the workspace.

You can move the order of the pictures by dragging at the top.
Change the speed of the gif and effects also.

Right click on the capture in the above are and you can delete/ move/ etc.

Once you have your captures arranged and your speed and effects set you can save your gif.

Upload to your chosen host site as normal.

I am sure there are more sophisticated ways of making gifs ….this is just a way I have figured out on my own. Hope it is helpful.

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