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They’re coming to take me away: Week 20 Day 7

Tamra read to Lucy Sue.

Played for tips.

Signed an autograph.

Sedrick redid his room…..a vehicle enthusiast.  Yep…that is the Hover Bed…..everyone in the family unit loves it.


Yipes!  This happens often and makes me extremely nervous every time!

Grimmy gets around Hidden Springs often.

A bit on the creepy side if you ask me…….

Sedrick floating around town….where’s your vehicle, enthusiast??

Birthday girl! (Lucy Sue)

Sparkling make you cross-eyed!

Traits:  Loves the outdoors/Genius/Ambitious  and a 3 star celebrity!  LOL.

Make a wish Suzy Q!

Taaaaaaaahhhhh…..Daaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Traits: Brave/Virtuoso/Eccentric.  Also a three star celeb.

Gogi is still going strong!


Now that is a car!

Lucy’s new doo!

Suzy has one too!

You tell me how Gogi carried that rock home…!

Still fun.

Mom does a little tutoring.

Carlo keeps up his martial arts training .

First day of  school for the twins.

Creepy Field trip….each received a painting type thing to hang on the wall….gee whiz….thanks a bunch….wouldn’t want to forget the trip to Shady Pines Historical Cemetery.

Yum! Dirty counter….I mean…..Key Lime Pie… that has an extra zingy taste……ewwwwwww!

“And they lived happily ever after… go to sleep.”

The girls aren’t feeling so well…..must be a bug going around…..yhea…’s called Key Lime  Dirty Counter Pie!

“I am sorry….do you think I wanted to make everyone sick??? ”

Must master logic skill before completing elementary school…..ambitious for sure!

“Hey…..I’m ambitious too… secrete the growth hormone while you sleep, you know…..that’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

Bought the Extra Creative LTR….pretty cool.

Stuck-o-rama…..poor Gogi….he’s too old for this kinda stuff.

A little tutoring before school….jez Mom!

“Ha…..let’s just see who masters logic first…….”(sticks tongue out).

“Would it kill someone to lift the lid and do a little cleaning around here!”

“Get that leg up higher!”

” And the very smart Princess did not start dating until she turned a Young Adult… go to sleep, sis.”

” And the very smart Princess did not start dating until she turned a Young Adult… go to sleep, sissy.”


Giggles….” I know…isn’t Daddy so cute when he tells us that bedtime story!” Giggles…..


Still in love……

Thanks so much for reading! 😀

They are coming to take me away…Week 16 Day 8…all caught up.

“Hello……Hello…..hmmmmmm….nobody there” Tamra hung up the phone.  ( The poor dear is dead on her feet…..I didn’t have the heart to tell her the phone was up her nose.)

So cute……I can’t stand it…..really……I can’t!

Sedrick is really trying to pitch in and help.   Come on… some spontaneous Genie magic already!

Come on girls ….build those skills so we can have any early aging up party……..

Tamra did have to finally go to a gig and look how the babysitter showed up…..maybe he is trying to break in the business…..

Tamra’s gig was a private party….she made $ 11,000.00 simoleons!

Signed a few autographs and sold a few albums after the gig…..Tamra is not at all sure why this fan was laughing….but Tamra was laughing at her swim fins!

Gogi has the wish that someone will tell Sedrick that  fetch is played …..OUTSIDE…..not in the master bedroom.

“I’ll tell ’em Gogi… soon as I can talk! ”  How do you like Lucy Sue’s new hair doo??  I think it is darling!

Potty training….so sweet my teeth hurt!

Learning to talk…..once they start, they never stop ….you know.

Look at that child…..who is Daddy’s girl???

That’s correct Lucy….what a smart girl you are.   Tamra loves these girls to pieces.

Ahhhhh……..Tamra is glad to have some inside her instead of  on her……

This baby grand piano was a gift from the company that makes them… that’s what I call a perk!

Our couple actually had a little time for romance…..the Wooo hooo social actually came up and  by the time they got to the bed….Gogi was asleep on it…..”Wake up Gogi….shoo….”  and just as Tamra’s side of the bed was free….two little angels started crying…..oh well, who has the energy anyway!

 Come to Mama.

Take a big step sweetie….that’s it.  ” Get the camera Carlo…..okay  Sedrick….anybody…….”

You’ve got to be kidding….

Now that the girls have learned all they can from the xylophone and blocks, they were given their  Imaginary Friends.

Gogi is asleep on the bed again……so what’s a couple to do?  That’s right….spar!!

Sedrick loves to cook and work out……guess that is a good combination.

Story time…….. actually, skill time but don’t tell the girls.

Katy Perry ( by EA itself)  dropped in for a performance….babbylegs1970 sent her on tour to Hidden Springs… was a great act!

Tamra sang a little Karaoke before heading home.



Adult/ Vocal Legend/ $3,600 stipend a week/Completed LTW of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


Mastered: Handiness and Logic

Level 9 : cooking

Level 7:  Athletic/Charisma/ Painting

Level 6: Martial Arts/Piano

Level 4: Gardening/ Photography

LTR: The next big thing/ That was deliberate/Inappropriate but in a good way/Engaging/Prepared Travler/Opportunistic/Learned Relic Hunter/Fearless Voyager/Fast Learner/ Meditative Trance Sleep


Adult/Asrtonaut/$530 per hour/ works one day a week/


Mastered: Athletic and Handiness

Level 6: Cooking

Level 5: Martial Arts

Level 3:  Photography

Level 2: Logic

LTR: Profession Simoleon Booster/Prepared Travler/No bills ever/Fast Learner/Super Nanny


Young Adult/ No career


Level 5: Athletic

Level 4: Cooking

Level 2: Logic

LTR:  Change LTW (  changed to Swimming in Cash)



Trained:  Non destructive and Neat

LTR:  Steel Bladder and Best Behavior

Lucy Sue and Suzy Q  are toddlers…..enough said

They’re coming to take me away…..Week 16 Day 8 Continued.

Gogi has aged up to elder….got a bran new ball.

Tamra was a little creeped out by some of the sims that were in town while she was performing for tips… seems there is a set of  sextuplets, at least, running around Hidden Springs…..slowly packs up the tip jar and mic and heads home!


Meresimp sent Tamra a lovely sim… was a wonderful show!


Tamra was invited to a party and she was having a nice time until two elders, on either side of her, died…..what a downer!

A wish for fortune…..granted!  $ 100,000 simoleons 😀

Tamra reached level 10 in the singer career!  Being a Vocal Legend is sweet!

LTW of  Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous completed!  Diva wants a new house!

Home Sweet Home!

Ta More (debbi2qlts) gave a superb performance!!

Time for the third wish… the Genie…..see the chains breaking….how cool is that?  There were a few steps Carlo had to go through to free is pal.

What is the first thing you do after being released from a little cramped lamp…..climb the rock wall, of course!

Carlo is all jazzed up to be wearing his astronaut suit….but he really has to pee and the toilet is too dirty for a “neat” sim to use and he is too exhausted to clean it…..and he is starving!

Early the next morning…..who is it?  Well, I leave you guessing for a bit…

daislylee sent a lovely singer to perform…..another sensational show!

Carlo is having fun with his Genie….excuse me, the name is Sedrick Sterling…..he is a young adult, couch potato, brave,  has a good sense of humor, a vehicle enthusiast ( without a vehicle), and is lucky.  Loves pink, shawarma and Hip Hop. Has the sign of Cancer…..and is looking for love!

To clear things up….it was Carlo and Tamra in the bed…..and looky….a baby bump!

Tamra enjoys her pregnancy.  Looks pretty nice too…..

Until she goes into labor and tries to go to the hospital…..hold on….can you imagine the celebrity gossip that would be spread if she went out looking like that????

Tamra seems to agree with me!

Welcome home Lucy Sue………and Suzy Q……..yep….twins….no kids music….no fertility treatments…..and one controllable sim…..this is gonna be fun 😛

Sedrick is surprisingly  helpful.

Don’t worry Tamra….your a new mother…’ll figure things out!

Good man Carlo….put that nurturing trait to good use!

Helping mommy get back into pre-baby shape……you know how celebs are……

Time flies when your having fun!

Lucy Sue:  Loves the outdoors and genius.  Favs:  Latin Music , Cheese Tofu Steak and the color red.

Suzy Q   Brave , Virtuoso   Favs: Hip Hop, sushi and the color spiceberry.

Still catching up to Week 12 Day 8…..thanks for reading!

They’re Coming to take me away….Week 16 Day 8

Time for a delayed honeymoon……off  to Al Simhara!




On the way into town Tamra found a dig site and found some nice relics.   Carlo  admired the scenery.

Tamra wanted to get some supplies and a Hikon QX40di Gladiator camera and a photography skill book……Carlo took a dip in the fountain.

By the time they arrived back at camp, a few locals had gathered around the fire and invited our couple to join them for a meal….they shared local gossip and gave several ideas on where Tamra and Carlo should visit.

A little skill building in photography  for  Tamra and Carlo is reading what ever he picked out of the bookshelf…

Tim for a little exploring…..ummmmmm….where are the scooters?

Open Sesame!

It’s late…..time to sleep….how cool to sleep in a tomb….too bad nobody had the  wish to to it yet!

Tamra found a trap……Ewwwwwww….remember she is hydrophobic ….she did a little crying ….

Let’s try disarming this one……

Inspecting a hole….no bugs…that is gooooooood!

Funny….Tamra prefers the electric shock traps…LOL

Wow…how beautiful….now let’s find the loot!

Back to base camp…Tamra tutored  Carlo in handiness.

After all that learning Carlo was too pooped to eat so he went to sleep while Tamra munched on some roasted hotdogs and ……..something that looked like lettuce.

Just before departing Tamra leaned another song……surely her fans would love to hear it at her next gig!

Tamra quickly sold off the loot she had acquired but she took a picture of all the gems.

Tamra was back to work… felt good!

Gogi was in desperate need of a bath!

Poor Gogi and Carlos were trapped by the news paper and the lizard lounge gnome……help!!

Back to the library to get Carlo’s handiness skill up to mastering…..learn Carlo…learn!

Ooooooooo….a promotion!  Handsome too!

Completed an  opportunity to work out at the gym to improve her celebrity status.

Sold another album.

Another opportunity to break some boards.  Smashing!

Performed at Simfest again…..what fun!

Stopped by the coffehouse a few  days later  for another Simfest and just missed the magician’s performance……must not have gone well……

Grimmy stayed to enjoy the show…..hope he is done collecting souls.

Tamra was called up on stage to participate in a magic act…….hope this one goes well! Grimmy is still here……

It’s good to be loved by adoring fans!

Stared in a T V commercial…..that was fun!

She is well on her way to the top!

Tamra improved her image by getting rid of all those nasty rumors…..just jealousy rearing it’s ugly head!

Carlo sure fills out his Jet Fighter uniform nicely!

Whoot!  Carlo completed his LTW!  Hmmmmmmmm… to spend those LTR points……

Well, what do you know….there is a dusty old lamp in there… a nice hard rub…..


A Salute!

What is the first thing you ask a Genie ……to pillow fight, of course!

Asked for first wish……

Eternal Joy was granted!

(Okay…..I got excited when I saw the dusty old lamp and bought it for Carlo…..I know….I am not suppose to be controlling him…..well….I am rationalizing this by thinking it is a work related reward ….so I will let Carlo build  his relationship to good friend so I can free the Genie and also let Carlo pick his wishes.)

Birthday time……

Okay….that hair doesn’t work on you darling!

A Celebration is in order……yes….we changed the hair before leaving the house.

All is fair in love and video games!

Looks like her fan base is widening….lol!

Made a wish for more wishes….granted!

Tamra gave herself the  rock wall for her birthday….look who used it all by himself!

Training the hubby just the way she wants him! LOL

Birthday Boy!

That is all for now….not quite caught up with Week 16 yet…..thanks for reading!! 😀

They’re coming to take me away…..Week 8 Day 7

Meet Carlos….he and a few single men were placed in town by ” The Committee for the Arrangement of Superior Singles ( CAS)”.  He is Brave, Athletic, Nurturing,  Handy and Neat. He has the LTW to be an astronaut and has joined the military career.

Tamra wastes no time in romancing Carlos….

Popped the question….Carlos’ expression says it all….

 Wedded Bliss….Finally!

Carlos made himself right at home.

Tamra warmed up her pipes before her next gig…..that was fun!

A good time was had by all.

Taught Gogi how to shake… cute!

Gogi and Carlos have hit it off.

Tamra is hard at work and advancing nicely in her singer career.

Unfortunately, this is when our honeymooners see each other!


Wrote thank you notes.

Did a little upgrading…

Busted some new moves on stage.

Lounge Lizzard Gnome……LOL!

Hosted my first sim through simport….Cherry….she did a great job!

Tamra was finally booked through simport….took 30 minutes in RL time to connect to MerryWiddow’s coffeehouse.

Some R & R was in need so Tamra took a trip to China….Carlos stayed behind to take care of Gogi and advance in his career.

Ran to the market and bought a few necessities .

Time to work on skill levels….martial arts

Obviously not a fan….

Time for a little exploring!

A quick call home to let Carlos know she’d on her way soon.


Carlos greeted  Tamra in his uniform …!

Auditioned  for another gig.

Tamra couldn’t resist stealing some clothes…..


 She felt so sorry for the sim, so she played video games with her for a bit.

Carlo couldn’t resist the martial arts training dummy.

Showing off some new moves…….

Takes a well deserved bow.

Spins a few tunes.

Gogi likes to growl at the mailman!

Back to China to  up skill levels…..handiness this time.

Tamra spent her time upgrading toilets, sinks, showers and appliances.

Yummy….roasted bananas!

Back home and going out for a night on the town with Hubby….in her Limo! Pretty cool!

Dominoes …..what fun!

Pool! Love it!

How sweet….Ummmm……Carlos can’t carry a tune in a bucket!  Tamra loves him anyway!!

Logic skill building at the library…..see the Honorary Incense Burner of Jun Pao….along with being at the library increases her speed of skill building….(Thanks MerryWiddow)

Yes……back to China…..working on logic skills.

Fame is following Tamra! Anything for her fans…..

A little social interaction…….

Tamra participated in Simfest after getting home and won first place!


Tamar’s skill building has payed off…..she has mastered the logic skill and can now teach Carlos skills……thank goodness because his handiness skill is sorely lacking for work!

Tamra has also mastered handiness.

Tamra stopped by the gym to work out and…….

You guessed it…..Fame……the price you pay!

Carlos and Gogi  went along to see Tamra sing for tips at the coffee house.

Watched the stars……how romantic!

Tamra sold her first album!! Cooooool!

Ahhhhhhhh…..Tamra is on her way to inner peace!


They’re coming to take me away….Week 7 Day 4

Tamra  saw an add in the newspaper  that Singers were needed.   She decided to give it a whirl….she wouldn’t mind see her name up in lights…..well, her stage name up in lights.   Introducing….Minx Overture…..bows gracefully.  Time to hit the pavement.


Her first client had passed out due to stress.

Her singing telegram seemed to perk him right up.  She had a nice conversation with him….found out he was in a relationship.  Lucky girl.

Sang for tips….made a couple bucks.  Fun too!

The alarm was well worth the money!

Hired for her first gig.

Not much of a crowd….surly there a single guy in this bunch……no.

Who knew this job could be so tricky!

Hello my Gogi……how’s my good boy?

Botched it……this is harder than it looks.

Now that is more like it!

The life of a celebrity…!


Hey! Tamra met her first single guy since Ryan.  Meet Louis Swete……bye Louis!

Got a promotion…and a new dress.

Start earning your keep Gogi….hunt!

This is flirting….right?  He’s taken…..News Update…..there are NO single men in Hidden Springs!

A new gig.

Met Hector after the gig…..nice looking….very charming. Accepted Tamra’s invite to come to her home.  Played a little kissy face….and ……you guessed it… a relationship!  Get out!!


Will Tamra find love?  Or will Gogi have to produce the heir in this legacy?????

They’re coming to take me away…Week 2 Day 2

Tamra keeps practicing her keyboard.  Skill is early level 4.

Gogi  keeps himself entertained.  Good boy!

Roberto Vega keeps hanging around on Tamra’s front porch….at night…..creepo!

Gogi takes notice and runs out to attack……errrmmmmmmmm…..correction…..have fun.  ( ISBI)

Time to receive her Diploma.

Her Traits: ( Random Roll)





Born Saleswoman

Sold a painting.

Gogi wishes his tail was just a bit longer!

Learned a few new recipes.

Tamra decided to get some fresh air while she practiced her keyboard.

Met a guy. Ryan Anderson seemed real nice. Found traits of: Family Oriented/Workaholic/Good Sense of Humor.   Had a Job as a professional blogger.

Found out he was single, so Tamra took a chance……

Ryan asked her  to watch the stars……things were going good!

The night ended with kiss.

Time to try out those new recipes.  Yummy…fruit parfait.


No! Do not chew the furniture.  Tamra felt bad for scolding her precious pup but there are limits.

Gogi had been trained to be neat.  Thank gooness….maybe he’ll stop peeing in the house now!

He’s Baaaaaacccccck!  Hmmmmmmmm…..maybe Tamra should give him a call. His eyes appear to be glowing….must just be love because he is in fact human.


Tamra called Ryan everyday ( 2 days since they met)  and then finally had time to invite him over.  He arrived and she greeted him and  boom…..bang….she found out he was in another relationship! It all happened so fast the creep left before I could snag a picture.

Bet Hearbreaker is one of the remaining traits she had left to discover.

Will Tamra find love? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!  Like and share if you wish 😀

They’re coming to take me away…Week One/Day One

Tamra and Gogi landed at 9 Cottonwood Ct, Hidden Springs.  She had a nice little chunk of change she  “borrowed” from her parents.  They owed her something….right?

First things first….find a job.  Not much in the Want Ads. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..


Gogi needed some exercise , so a walk to town was in order…..jez….that’s some short cut.

First stop was at Han’s Tavern and Cafe.  Dany Shue claimed to be King. Tamra was pretty sure she smelled gingerbread and gumdrops. His Royal Highness demanded to hold court for a v-e-r-y long time. It seems Han was not hiring.  It was late and thank goodness Sire Shue had a curfew.  Tamra and her loyal pet headed home.

Looks like Tamra will be playing for tips tomorrow. Better tickle those ivories a little tonight.

They’re coming to take me away….An ISBI Legacy/Prologue

ISBI ( I’m Surrounded By Idiots) Rules





“Yes….yes.  A one-way ticket to Hidden Springs, please.  First availability. Yes.  No. Confirmed.”, Tamra hung up her phone and let out a huge sigh. She was finally escaping this home.  Her’s had been mundane childhood. Her parents, Amy and Xander Phreeson, were more focused on their “Rock Careers” than their daughter.



Her parents had won a free trip for two days and were due home this evening.  While they were gone, she was a good girl. No parties. Studied. Cleaned the houses from top to bottom. She heard the taxi pull up and the car doors slam. At the creak of the front door, Gogi ran to greet them with Tamra close behind. Surely being a world away would have made them realize how much they loved her. “Scram mutt!” Xander sneered at the little dog. Then he made his way to the bedroom. Amy followed her husband, dutifully. Neither giving notice to Tamra.

To add insult to injury, today is also her birthday. As usual, it was forgotten, so she pulled  a birthday cake from her inventory. Bought it herself…it’s her first.   Her hands trembled while she tried  to light the candle. Oooooooo…the sparkles never felt so good!  Just a bit of tweaking to her hair and wardrobe was called for.


She took one last look around her room packed what she could in her inventory and called to Gogi to follow her.  She walked out the front door into the waiting taxi….. No looking back.


Too bad….she missed out.  One left over booby-trap zoned in on it’s target!  Daddy is NOT happy!  “TAAAAAMMMMRRRAAAAA!”

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