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Diesel Stuff: For Successful Living: Men’s Clothing



Hope this is helpful to those of you making the decision to buy this stuff pack.

Thanks for reading and comments welcomed.

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Diesel Stuff : For Successful Living: Female Clothing

I tried to color the different channels so you could see what could be changed….the dress was originally tones of gray.

Hair by RustyNail

Skin-Pale V1 by Jack’s Creations

Model by me (not uploaded)

The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats/ See In Game Images Here.



Just a few in game shots.  If your curious about other outfits just leave a comment and I can post more.   There are 8 tops/ 4 bottoms/14 outfits…….that I quickly counted.  Thanks for reading and comments are always welcomed.

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See Katy Perry Sweet Treat Stuff Pack Hair in game shots here.



I hope this helps anyone to make a decision on whether to buy this stuff pack. 

I hope to post some of the outfits soon.

As always, thanks for reading and comments are welcomed. 

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