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Simplistic Magazine’s Winter 2013 Issue is out!


Read it here!


The Vorkink Clan

Vorkink Clan Cover


The Vorkink Clan: Two brothers, who are vampires. One aspires to be a gold digger, the other a master romancer. Who will be their victims?? 


See my other blog for content details and download link 

Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod Crane


Introducing Ichabod Crane. To see more pictures, content list and download link please visit my other blog: BG’s TS3 Stuff

Wild Wild West Boxcars: Inspired from 1965 American TV Series


For more pictures and download link  please visit my other blog  BGs TS3 Stuff 

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7 Castaways: A Sims 3 Game Play Challenge

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour………………


Sims Required:

Make a household of 7 or download

Gilligan’s Island Household CC Free 

(Look-a-likes not necessary!)

Skipper or One /male/adult/single
Gilligan or One /male/YA/single
Professor or One /male/adult/single
Mary Ann or One /female/YA/single
Ginger or One /female/YA/single
Mr & Mrs Howell A/male and A/Female

Not a fan of the TV show? Use any human sim you’d like to play that meets the above requirements. They can look however you want.

**Traits & LTWs are your choosing but remember we are not using rabbithole jobs so pick accordingly.

Lot Requirment:

Make a lot or download this one:7 Castaways lot

Cost: Furnished: 28,500 ( or as close as you can get it) My premade lot was 28,479.

Must have Four individual huts( with basements). There needs to be a toilet/bath/stove/fridge and the correct number of beds before the sims can move in.

Hut one: Gilligan and Skipper
Hut two: Professor
Hut three:Ginger and MaryAnn
Hut Four: The Howells


Okay the castaways were swept away by a Tidal Wave and end up in any Sims 3 world you choose.( EA or Creator)


1: You will pick one, two , three or four sims to controll. The rest will be uncontrollable.

2: Do NOT give rabbit hole jobs.

3: Singles may marry each other…if your not controlling the sim you want to marry….umm…good luck. Yes, you can break up the Howells and marry one of them….hehehehehe.

4: No Cheats! ( okay, you can resetsim, use MOO)

5: Gifts: If you decide to accept gifts while playing this save then any simoleon gift will automatically go into your household funds. All objects can not be sold until you meet the LTWs of your controllable sims.

6: Wildflowers: Pick and sell.

7: LTRs: You may use all….I suggest you get steel bladder immediately!

8: No Taxi. You must go on foot or buy your mode of transportation. I suggest brooms if you have supernatural.

9: Do not sell the Channon Tec Outlaw Se Camera that is in your inventory. ( Since the Uni patch)


Complete your sims LTW….NO wait, we do that ALL the time……Hmmmmmm….let me think……..Here we go:

Pick one of your controllable sims (if you have more than one) to master Three skills, of which needs to be logic. This sim will then train all the other uncontrolled sims to mastering THREE skills each. (Your sim needs to master logic to teach other sims and can only teach to his/her skill level. Example if cooking is only a level 4 then he/she can only teach to a level 4 cooking).

I hope some of you will try this challenge out and share your attempt with us @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium II in the Game Play Section. 

The Evil Queen/Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time




For Content Info and Download please to to my new blog BG’s TS3 Stuff


I Dream of Jeannie and Her Bottle: Come see the Fabulous Creations!!

I hosted a challenge over at TS3 Creators’ Consortium II last month called   I Dream of  Jeannie and Her Bottle.  Thanks to some wonderful simmers it was a resounding success!!  I’d like to share all the super creations that were made for this challenge.

Be sure to hand out RDFs!


Created by babbylegs1970


Jeannie Serena Sims

I Dream Of Jeannie by serenablondie


Download by serenablondie


Jeannie in the Bottle

Jeannie Bottle Larissa

Jeannie’s Bottle

Jeannie Friday

Jeannie’s Bottle by Friday

Not uploaded


I Dream Of Jeannie CC Free Style of the ’60s







I really had fun during this challenge and I really appreciate all the time and effort everyone put into these creations.

See the challenge threads here:

TS3 Creators’ Consortium II

The Simmers Society

Facebook Event  I Dream of Jeannie and Her Bottle

The Charmed Ones « Nooboo’s Blog

The Charmed Ones « Nooboo's Blog

Check out these fantastic sims….they are so close to the real thing, you’ll think the Actors are in your game!

Click on image to get to NooBoo’s Blog 😀

Magnum, p.i./ a sim household



TS3 Exchange



No Third Party CC.
AllEPs/SPs may have been used.
Some Store Content: Items from Life’s a Beach(Swim) & Beach Bummin’.
Made for Sim Ju Baba Population @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium


 Thanks for reading this post and comments are welcomed.
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Some Wonderful Lots for Your Sims @ NooBoo’s Blog

Check out these lovely lots that Friday has made for our simmies.  Some outstanding creations….don’t let your sims be left out!Image

Lots « Nooboo’s Blog.

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