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Simplistic Magazine:Issue 5: Summer Fun released!!

summer issueRead it here


Rags to Riches: Senior Life and The Teen Years……

Thomas is a good husband and father….mostly.  He does have one flaw.  A small one but it is really starting to worry our dear Tumulas.  He has the Flirty trait.  Yes, it is a burden to bear…mainly by his wife.  Today Tumulas strolled by his office and heard the deep rumble of her husbands voice and a  flattered giggle.  She knew they were not discussing  how the skeleton needed dusting.   She cleared her throat and asked the Butler to cook something for her.  Thomas gave his wife a wink, a peck on the cheek and headed down to the basement for a little exercise .   Normally, his flirting did not bother  her but since she has aged to elder it is starting to get on her nerves.

 Instead of his doing his usual routine, Thomas decided to join Joel in a game of Arcade Hoops.

Look who is having a birthday….hold your breath ladies….this isn’t going to be pretty!

Apparently, it stings just a little in the lower back when you age up to elder….Ummm…Thomas, where is your stache?  Ummm…is that you Thomas?

I am not sure what your wearing either!

Let’s go find your stache Thomas and change your clothes.  He doesn’t look so bad at this angle….yhea….I’ll keep telling myself that. Tumulas looks pleased and I guess that is all that matters.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound and moisture fell from the sky…along with ice balls…what….oh my…WEATHER!!  Finally!

Thomas’ flirty trait is still in full swing.  Tumulas has had enough.  Time to send the butler in  for an “adjustment”. She gives me the go ahead and Master Controller is  ticked.  Tumulas feels the butler must have the flirty trait also….so I am to change that .   Bad news, she actually has the “unflirty” trait….so Thomas is the problem!  Anyway, I am instructed to make her a Loner….maybe that will do the trick.

Tumulas goes directly to Thomas and they have a little chat.  Being the Charismatic guy he is, it doesn’t take Thomas long to convince her that  he didn’t mean anything by his flirtations and that he loved her and her only.  She wants to believe he means what he says, but she also wonders if  he has mastered the charisma skill.

 Another birthday.  Marina this time. So cute….she sings right  along with everyone.

Awwwwwww….what a good girl your are…yes, you are!

Thomas has won his wife over.  Who could stay mad at him, I am I right ladies?

Here we go again! Joel’s turn.

He is thinking of all the cool stuff  he is going to be able to do now!

Oh my, that hair has got to go but he looks a lot like his sister and mother.  Very nice muscle definition for a kid that never did much exercising.

Looks like her new Loner trait is in full swing.  Don’t worry, Tumulas is keeping an eye on her anyway.

Time for a water balloon fight!

The press is still hounding Tumulas!  Who knows what rumors will be started by this paparazzi.

Joel can finally play his drum set! Awesome.  He’s pretty good too.

Tumulas put her umbrella up and walked across the yard to brush Marina in the rain.

Lucy decides to write  Ussan a love letter.  Then calls to invite him over.  Her skin color has changed since the Supernatural patch. 

When Ussan arrives, Thomas decides he’d better start getting to know this boy who is visiting frequently.

Okay, so I had a little mishap.  I went onto my player wall from game and everything froze.  I even tried disconnecting from my router  to see if that would allow the game to resume.  No luck.  I had not saved, of course.  So I had to replay most of this update. Everything went pretty much as it did before until  Lucy invited Ussan over…well, a full moon rose just as she called.  By the time Ussan arrived  the paparazzi was back……and she was blocking the front door!  Ussan could not get in. Lucy came out to greet him…..Ackkkkkkk…I invited everyone inside, thinking I would kick the paparazzi out but a zombie had popped up. Yikes!  He came inside….I moved him out with MOO….put a fence around him…he walked through the fencing and came in again…..MOO’d him out again…..more zombies were popping up….trying to keep my eyes on everyone…getting a bit frantic….Ussan was still outside….No matter what  I did he would not stay in….this Zombie kept coming in….he got away from me and by the time I saw him he had made an ice cream cone and the maker immediately became foul…not sure if it was due to the zombie using it or not. Jez.  No one was bitten, thank goodness. 

This ends Week 5, Day 6 since the move to Appaloosa.

Joel got the Charismatic trait  as he aged up ( I rolled for it).

Looks like Total worth is around 480,142 simoleons.  Not sure if Tumulas will meet the 1 million simoleon mark before she dies but she sure has a wonderful life, if you ask me.

As always, thanks for reading and comments are welcome.

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