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Barbie & Ken Move Into Gold Coast by MerryWiddow!!



Created: 02/16/13
Residents: 2
Funds: §127,898

Household for MerryWiddow’s Gold Coast. Move into The Delhi at 110 Main Street. See Gold Coast thread at TS3 Creators’ Constorium @ ts3cc.forumotion.ca for details. No store content or third party CC. All EPs and SPs through Supernatural (No Sweet Treats)
Member List:
Barbie Roberts – Human, Female, Young Adult
 Ken Carson – Human, Male, Young Adult



 Built at 110 Main Street, Port Dover in Gold Coast by MerryWiddow. Interiors styled by Buttonsginger.  Three bedrooms with 2 double, 1 bunk and 1 crib.
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