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Simplistic Magazine’s Winter 2013 Issue is out!


Read it here!


Lucky Palms: In game captures

Just some random captures as I poke around in Lucky Palms:

sunset shots…..really lovely.

Nice mailbox & Yucca plants

Pretty sure a new hot tub and see the chairs and table with umbrella in the background.

I saw this painting right away in the house I moved my sims into….it contains more stencils…

fabulous planter!


Yucca plants with blossoms 😀

View from Botanical Garden towards city hall

Ariel view of Botanical Gardens and Wishing Well 

The cactus pond cracks me up!

Making a wish!

Stealing coins…..

Lol…..falling in…..nope…no coins!

Orchid had better luck and found a lucky coin….

Whoot!  7,500 Simoleons!

This I love! Houses over the water….haven’t had time to look in them yet.

Cool Pool!

Wonderful Wells Community Garden

The Blooming Cactus Bistro

Many nice homes…..I really like this one!

Perfect Paradise Pool…restrooms/showers below

Sunwest Graveyard…..my sim jumped in the little rock pool….lol!

Looks like some little condos….but only one family can live there apparently.



This poor townie is taking his toddler for a looooooong walk! LOL

I am sure there is much more to see and do but that is all I had time to try out.  Hope this was helpful in some way. Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.

Buttons 😀 

Where to find Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table &Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

You can locate these premium items in buy mode Here:


Hope this is helpful!

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The Sims 3: EA Store :The Lucky Simoleon Casino/Premium Content: Hit ’em Harder Blackjack Table &Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

See  The Lucky Simoleon Casino  Here

As of right now the premium content is not available individually. Which is a bummer!  

Here are some in game captures:

The lobby:

Area to the left of the lobby.  I don’t know…..what would you call it?  A lounge?  Funny thing is that the bars are self serve….I guess you can add the late night bars if you want bartenders ….which I think would be cool.  The restrooms are behind this area but I didn’t take a shot of those….there is a  entrance way with a statue ….looks nice. 

There is a huge gaming area with slot machines and blackjack tables…..this is just a small capture of the area.

JoAnnie  went straight for the slot machine….she has the lucky trait so she did pretty good 😀 She walked up to the machine and automatically played. If you click on it you get options  for  Low Stakes/$50  Medium Stakes/$100   High Stakes/$300  Hack Machine and Lucky Casino Stakes.

She had some new emotions:

She must have worked up quite a thirst because she headed for the bars  directly behind the gaming area.

Off to play some blackjack……here are the buy-in options

Pick your risks:  

The  Table-bot deals the cards from it’s mouth….funny!

Gambling is a learned skill that you can track with the skill journal….sorry, I forgot to get a capture of that. 

I was going to wait until the store bundled this at the beginning of next month…..but I caved in …..I am so addicted!   : Lowers head in shame:…..but not for long….as JoAnnie  is demanding to hit the tables again! 

Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.

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Multitab 6000 (in game shots)

I find this a lot of fun and it is great that our sims can multitask.  I haven’t had too much time to explore this but the Listen to Tabcast appears to be skill building , I’ve seen two different online social game screens, you can buy books directly from the book store and read books that are in the bookshelves on the sims’ lot ( I am assuming anything in the inventory also….but I am not sure). I’ve only had time to try this on the household lot ….not sure how it works while they are out and about.  Thanks for reading….comments welcomed , as always.

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