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Simplistic Magazine’s Winter 2013 Issue is out!


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7 Castaways: A Sims 3 Game Play Challenge

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour………………


Sims Required:

Make a household of 7 or download

Gilligan’s Island Household CC Free 

(Look-a-likes not necessary!)

Skipper or One /male/adult/single
Gilligan or One /male/YA/single
Professor or One /male/adult/single
Mary Ann or One /female/YA/single
Ginger or One /female/YA/single
Mr & Mrs Howell A/male and A/Female

Not a fan of the TV show? Use any human sim you’d like to play that meets the above requirements. They can look however you want.

**Traits & LTWs are your choosing but remember we are not using rabbithole jobs so pick accordingly.

Lot Requirment:

Make a lot or download this one:7 Castaways lot

Cost: Furnished: 28,500 ( or as close as you can get it) My premade lot was 28,479.

Must have Four individual huts( with basements). There needs to be a toilet/bath/stove/fridge and the correct number of beds before the sims can move in.

Hut one: Gilligan and Skipper
Hut two: Professor
Hut three:Ginger and MaryAnn
Hut Four: The Howells


Okay the castaways were swept away by a Tidal Wave and end up in any Sims 3 world you choose.( EA or Creator)


1: You will pick one, two , three or four sims to controll. The rest will be uncontrollable.

2: Do NOT give rabbit hole jobs.

3: Singles may marry each other…if your not controlling the sim you want to marry….umm…good luck. Yes, you can break up the Howells and marry one of them….hehehehehe.

4: No Cheats! ( okay, you can resetsim, use MOO)

5: Gifts: If you decide to accept gifts while playing this save then any simoleon gift will automatically go into your household funds. All objects can not be sold until you meet the LTWs of your controllable sims.

6: Wildflowers: Pick and sell.

7: LTRs: You may use all….I suggest you get steel bladder immediately!

8: No Taxi. You must go on foot or buy your mode of transportation. I suggest brooms if you have supernatural.

9: Do not sell the Channon Tec Outlaw Se Camera that is in your inventory. ( Since the Uni patch)


Complete your sims LTW….NO wait, we do that ALL the time……Hmmmmmm….let me think……..Here we go:

Pick one of your controllable sims (if you have more than one) to master Three skills, of which needs to be logic. This sim will then train all the other uncontrolled sims to mastering THREE skills each. (Your sim needs to master logic to teach other sims and can only teach to his/her skill level. Example if cooking is only a level 4 then he/she can only teach to a level 4 cooking).

I hope some of you will try this challenge out and share your attempt with us @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium II in the Game Play Section. 

Rags to Riches: Senior Life and The Teen Years……

Thomas is a good husband and father….mostly.  He does have one flaw.  A small one but it is really starting to worry our dear Tumulas.  He has the Flirty trait.  Yes, it is a burden to bear…mainly by his wife.  Today Tumulas strolled by his office and heard the deep rumble of her husbands voice and a  flattered giggle.  She knew they were not discussing  how the skeleton needed dusting.   She cleared her throat and asked the Butler to cook something for her.  Thomas gave his wife a wink, a peck on the cheek and headed down to the basement for a little exercise .   Normally, his flirting did not bother  her but since she has aged to elder it is starting to get on her nerves.

 Instead of his doing his usual routine, Thomas decided to join Joel in a game of Arcade Hoops.

Look who is having a birthday….hold your breath ladies….this isn’t going to be pretty!

Apparently, it stings just a little in the lower back when you age up to elder….Ummm…Thomas, where is your stache?  Ummm…is that you Thomas?

I am not sure what your wearing either!

Let’s go find your stache Thomas and change your clothes.  He doesn’t look so bad at this angle….yhea….I’ll keep telling myself that. Tumulas looks pleased and I guess that is all that matters.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound and moisture fell from the sky…along with ice balls…what….oh my…WEATHER!!  Finally!

Thomas’ flirty trait is still in full swing.  Tumulas has had enough.  Time to send the butler in  for an “adjustment”. She gives me the go ahead and Master Controller is  ticked.  Tumulas feels the butler must have the flirty trait also….so I am to change that .   Bad news, she actually has the “unflirty” trait….so Thomas is the problem!  Anyway, I am instructed to make her a Loner….maybe that will do the trick.

Tumulas goes directly to Thomas and they have a little chat.  Being the Charismatic guy he is, it doesn’t take Thomas long to convince her that  he didn’t mean anything by his flirtations and that he loved her and her only.  She wants to believe he means what he says, but she also wonders if  he has mastered the charisma skill.

 Another birthday.  Marina this time. So cute….she sings right  along with everyone.

Awwwwwww….what a good girl your are…yes, you are!

Thomas has won his wife over.  Who could stay mad at him, I am I right ladies?

Here we go again! Joel’s turn.

He is thinking of all the cool stuff  he is going to be able to do now!

Oh my, that hair has got to go but he looks a lot like his sister and mother.  Very nice muscle definition for a kid that never did much exercising.

Looks like her new Loner trait is in full swing.  Don’t worry, Tumulas is keeping an eye on her anyway.

Time for a water balloon fight!

The press is still hounding Tumulas!  Who knows what rumors will be started by this paparazzi.

Joel can finally play his drum set! Awesome.  He’s pretty good too.

Tumulas put her umbrella up and walked across the yard to brush Marina in the rain.

Lucy decides to write  Ussan a love letter.  Then calls to invite him over.  Her skin color has changed since the Supernatural patch. 

When Ussan arrives, Thomas decides he’d better start getting to know this boy who is visiting frequently.

Okay, so I had a little mishap.  I went onto my player wall from game and everything froze.  I even tried disconnecting from my router  to see if that would allow the game to resume.  No luck.  I had not saved, of course.  So I had to replay most of this update. Everything went pretty much as it did before until  Lucy invited Ussan over…well, a full moon rose just as she called.  By the time Ussan arrived  the paparazzi was back……and she was blocking the front door!  Ussan could not get in. Lucy came out to greet him…..Ackkkkkkk…I invited everyone inside, thinking I would kick the paparazzi out but a zombie had popped up. Yikes!  He came inside….I moved him out with MOO….put a fence around him…he walked through the fencing and came in again…..MOO’d him out again…..more zombies were popping up….trying to keep my eyes on everyone…getting a bit frantic….Ussan was still outside….No matter what  I did he would not stay in….this Zombie kept coming in….he got away from me and by the time I saw him he had made an ice cream cone and the maker immediately became foul…not sure if it was due to the zombie using it or not. Jez.  No one was bitten, thank goodness. 

This ends Week 5, Day 6 since the move to Appaloosa.

Joel got the Charismatic trait  as he aged up ( I rolled for it).

Looks like Total worth is around 480,142 simoleons.  Not sure if Tumulas will meet the 1 million simoleon mark before she dies but she sure has a wonderful life, if you ask me.

As always, thanks for reading and comments are welcome.

Buttons 😀

Rags to Riches: Tumulas……Tumulas….and Zombies!

It has been so long since I updated this save …..I should be ashamed of myself….leaving these poor sims in limbo for so long!

Maybe this is why:  My beloved Tumulas is aging up to an elder!

Everyone gathered around. Oh…and look….Thomas made it home and just had enough time to change into our favorite….I mean HIS favorite attire.

Okay…..so maybe she is in a desperate need of a makeover but not too shabby!  Thomas seems to approve 😀

While the festivities were happening, I’ll be darn if a Full Moon did not rise…….Tumuluas’ beautiful perfect plant garden was being ravaged by a green goul!

They started popping up everywhere….I am not kidding! Tumulas investigated and was not amused.  She ordered me to “fix it”…..apparently, she was a bit put out that I did not check with her before installing the  Supernatural Expansion.  ” My Bad”  but she does understand my addiction and soon forgave me. Thank goodness!

The kids decided to make some fried ice cream and well, you  can see the results.  Tumulas sprang into action and saved the kitchen from total destruction.

The fire department arrived late  and singed!  I am not kidding….this is how she looked when she ran into the house….LOL 😀

Between the zombies and the fire the best I could do was fence them in….they popped right up either inside the fence or beside it….man they can move pretty fast , for the Undead.  I put the fencing around them where they stood and moved any undamaged plants out of the “quarantined” areas.


This one kept eating even after he changed back to human form for a bit.  Tumulas kept her distance by working on her athletic skills until the coast was clear.

Tumuals calmly assessed the damage.

 She used her master gardening powers to revive the damaged plants…..take that you zombies!


Thanks for reading and Comments are welcomed!

Buttons 😀






Rags to Riches: Appaloosa Plains Week 4 Day Day 3 (Continuation)

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We start off with the celebration of Lucy’s birthday…..


Looks like she’s got the teenager attitude down…..lol!  Definitely in need of a makeover…..

That’s better! ( LOL……I just love the bunny suit)

Thomas teaches Marina how to shake…….in his sexy bathing suit…..can I help it if this sim continually plays in the sprinkler or works out when he is home????? What???

Just what every teenager needs for her birthday…..the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll…..which is now bound to Franscesca Farrington….OOOooooooooo….this should be fun!

Let’s see……Lucy decides to Bless Franscesca…..how nice!

Pins and Needles…..wonder how this will turn out….Lucy looks excited…..

Oh my…….

Wonder which is worse….pin to the foot or counter to the face???

Needle to the head removes face from counter…..good to know!

Tumulas agrees to teach Lucy how to drive as long as she leaves the voodoo doll at home……and apparently her Mother…lol.

Attacks Joel….with claw….no worries…whewwww.  Seriously, this girl is starting to worry me!

Getting ready for school….yep…..I just wanted an excuse to post another capture of the bunny suit.

Tumulas’ hard work in the garden is really starting to pay off….a perfect money tree produces a money tree seed!  Fantastic!

She also received omini seeds in the mail…..here she has produced Mood-Lite Candles and Lobsters ( yep….they look like fish but are actually lobsters when harvested….magical! ) Looks like a little weeding is in order….now let’s see…..yep….Thomas is playing in the sprinkler……..

Joel!  Look who aged up with out us…..oh darn….I missed the shot….He was actually on the potty and  I got a notice it was his birthday….it was after 8pm and poof….child.

Maybe a bedroom of his very own will make up for it….never mind it is in the basement.

Yhea! A Drum set…..nuts….he can’t play them….why do I keep forgetting that children can’t play the instruments….because it it is DUMB, that is why!

I like this furniture….not sure that I would.

I am sure Joel will appreciate the view of the digital fish from his drum set in a few years….ermmmm….sim  days.

I did catch Boinky aging up….that’s pretty neat and creepy at the same time.  I still laugh when the IF  saunters around the house.

“Hi ya Boinky, I aged up” says Joel.  “Gosh, no kidding….me too” replies Boinky.

Tumulas heard Joel giggling  and walked in to see what was so funny……she watched him for some time and then turned and walked towards the bookcase….should she be worried? Nawwwwwww…..

Although, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched  the entire time she read Joel to sleep.

Thomas keeps up the PI work….. it can get a little rough sometimes.

Lucy heads to prom.

Voted Prom Queen…but no date……hmmmmmm…..let’s see what we can do.

Thomas earned an ExtraorninAIRe-Inator as a LTR.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..nothing beats a good meditation.

Tumulas  notices Joel practicing chess….ummmmm….did she just see a chess piece move by itself……maybe Joel is not the one she should be worried about…..wait…..didn’t Lucy talk to her about an imaginary friend once……Tumulas though she was just pretending…….

Pillow Fight!

Thomas trains Lucy…..let’s get some muscle on those bones!

Joel’s not too sure how much he likes fishing…..

Uhhhhhhh……Oooooooo….what is Lucy up to?  I think I’d better find her a distraction before she really harms someone or something.

There we go…..Meet Ussan Nahari….Lucy’s new boyfriend. He is a teen, of course, and has the traits of  Excitable, Angler, Computer Whiz, Genius…..seems like a good catch to Lucy.

You can download Ussan Here.  Thank you EuphorialQueen for sharing your super creation!

Tumulas grows her first skill book and sells the harvest.

Bless his heart…..Joel feeds the dead fish.  I didn’t have the heart to make him scoop it out.

Joel and a Paparazzi became stuck at the end of the front walk….by things that are not there….weird.

TeeeeeHeeeeeee….Bunny sighting!

Thomas greeted their new neighbor with pillow fight….what’s that?  You can’t really see him…..well, let me help you out…..

Meet Jonathan Rhys Meyers by lionpaws: Get Him Here.

What’s this???  A Dusty Old Lamp…..Tumulas’ current LTR.


Wish for Fortune granted…..yikes…..

Apparently, this is what  $100,000.00 simoleons feels like.

Lol….even the Genie likes the ice cream machine ( uncontrollable sim at this point).

Joel shows off his scout badges ( this feature I like very much).

Marina eats some Cranerlet Naula Grapes right off the vine….lol…..I’ve never seen that before.

Thomas seems to be drawing more attention as he does his stakeouts….this time a paparazzi takes his picture.


Let’s see where the total funds are at this point….the goal is to reach 1 million Simoleons….if I remember correctly.

Worth of the property: $279,997.00 /Family Funds: $ 173,241.00    Total: $454,238.00

Thank you to everyone who is reading this….please remember to hit the ‘Like” Button after this post and please leave a comment, if you have one  😀

Rags to Riches: Appaloosa Plains Week 4 Day 3 (Part 1)

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Within minutes of arriving in Appaloosa Plains ( Lot and all) Tumulas went into labor with her second child.

Welcome  Joel Deosil.  A  clumsy but brave Taurus, who likes turquoise, pancakes and roots music.

Lucy brought a friend home from school and ……

her pet dog….who made itself right at home.

Thomas was so pleased with Joel.

Lucy and her classmates went on a field trip and apparently she was starving!

Thomas’ first job was to help Hetty Lionheart with a case…..this Hetty is a stylist…..can’t you tell by her hat??

Tumulas  tried out the new PowerMax 50×120.

Busy, busy, Busy…..

Tumulas had to call the neighbor kids down out of the tree house and tell them to go home.

Trying out The Not So Routine Machine.  Fun stuff!

It is not appropriate to skinny dip on a lot with a child……

Whoo Hooing on the other hand, is just fine….lol.

Tumulas sampled some fried bacon ice cream…..uhhhh…..yummy? Apparently, yes it is!

Still busy…..breaking in a home for Hetty…..are we sure she is a stylist? Lol.

Back at home…..fried ice cream…now Tumulas has the stuffed moodlet. Lol!

Peek-A-Boo! ( How sweet is that?)

Turning in some stake out reports.

Joel aged up to a toddler….now where did I put that freezer bunny suit????

Found it!  I am sure Joel is upset that the block doesn’t fit in the hole…it couldn’t be the outfit…lol!

Couldn’t resist posting this capture…what a good boy. Too bad it is not this easy in RL!

Fried Fish…..who has been using the fryer again???  ( Don’t make me take it way!)

Thomas announces he will be taking Lucy on a trip to China…..a quick kiss before heading out. (Seriously….would you let Thomas leave without one??)

A capture from the “airplane”.

Thomas encouraged Lucy to increase her skills while he checked the adventure board.  ( I thought she would go up to the chess table at base camp but instead she pulled a potion out of her inventory and mixed it…..cool!)

A trip to the market….by car….Lucy thinks this a Great idea….lol.

Time for a little logic skill building.

Dinner…..guess they needed a little time apart from each other…lol!

A nice surprise for Lucy….fireworks to end the first night.

Thomas had just finished placing the family tent when Lucy ambushed him from behind!

Bed time. ( Lucy had to go all the way back to base camp….I tried stopping her but I couldn’t…..and then return to the market before going in the tent to sleep)

Pancakes with chopsticks….fun!    This is where things went all hinky on me….Thomas pulled his car out and they hopped in….it was in the middle of the market , which I thought would make a super cool capture….the roofs on the buildings looked  a little winky….so  I went into the options panel and tweaked the “High Detail Lots” slider….then went back out into the game and……

I could only see about a third of the screen….still in game so I quit without saving……reopened the game….the intro  ran fine, along with the loading screen but this is what I got next.  Thankfully, MerryWiddow helped me restore my  options to  a previous version….and Voila! I was back in business…..Thank you MW!!

Joel playing with his clumsy trait shining through….lol!

Learning to walk….


Express emotions….

Remember….a child capacity to learn is greatest during the first three years…..errrrrmmmmm…..15 sim days…..of his/her life.

Joel is not letting his IF out of his sight….he heard about how  Cosmo just vanished one day and he sees how Lucy looks at Boinky.

After selling her produce at the market, Tumulas befriended this little guy…..named him, Graculus (love the name generator).

Took a deep breath and sent Thomas and Lucy on another trip….he had the option to go jogging in Egypt.

Lucy played chase with local and worked on her logic skill with the  telescope. Thomas bought them both Hikon QX40di Gladiator cameras and the photography skill books.  Lucy can take pictures with the camera but can’t read the book yet.

Thomas spent his time exploring the Sphinx and cramming all the loot he could in his inventory.  They ran  to the market and each started reading a book just as time ran out.

I found this upon arrival……Lol!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comments are wanted  and welcomed.  Till next time 😀

Rags to Riches: Week 18 Day 7-ish (Part 2)

Tumulas’ pregnancy has been longer than the normal three days…..so , she went to the hospital to ask for some advice.  The doctors were stumped.  She needed a nap before heading back home.

Thomas reported into his next client….look closely….Thomas is talking with someone…..what?…you can’t see a sim….well, neither can Thomas…this town  is getting strange.

Ahhhhhhhh….here  we go….well, that’s not helpful at all!

Lucy failed at discovering a potion.

Ugggggg….the washer is on the blink.  Thomas increased his handiness skill.

Lucy’s Kingdom is in the basement of the nectary .  She rules with an iron fist.

Lucy heads home.

Lucy found Tumulas in the garden and showed off her latest ballet move…..sooooo sweet!

“Mommy, have you seen Cosmo?  ”  asked Lucy.  ” Why no Dear, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Cosmo in some time. When, did you see it last?” said Tumulas  ” Gee Whiz,  I think when I asked Cosmo to clean up for me….days ago….” stammered Lucy.  Tears began to well up in her eyes.  “Don’t worry Dear, I am sure Cosmo will turn up.” reassured Tumulas.

Tumulas talked Lucy into a game of  chase to try and take her mind off her Imaginary Friend.

Thomas continues on with his cases….due to  the weird happenings  in Forever the 50’s , several of his cases are unsolved.  He is beginning to wonder what is up.

He continues to snoop for clues…..

He munches on a perfect flame fruit…. they generally give him  a nice warm feeling…….

Okay…..now that is weird.

Lucy got a hold of the Sonyo VideoStop Triple and played around with it….she has the photographer’s eye trait….now why can’t a child use this object…. Lucy stamps her feet…..” No fair! No Fair!”

Thomas made a home video….see it Here…..if you dare! 

Tumulas revived a Death Flower Plant….just because she can.

Lucy found a gem and gave it to her Daddy……how sweet!

Lucy decided to write down all the wierdo things that were happening in this town.  Turns out it got published as “Science Fiction”.  She gets 115.00 simoleons in royalties each month.

Tumulas has still not delivered their second child after three  weeks….canes and speech bubbles are floating around everywhere.  Cosmo had disappeared.  The family decides to pack up the household and move to Appaloosa Plains…..Thomas will have to  start his LTW from the beginning but will keep his level 10 private eye status.   

Will Tumulas deliver her unborn child or be forever pregnant?  Stay tuned……

Thanks for reading……comments wanted and welcomed. 😀

Rags to Riches: Week 18 Day 7 ( I think) Part One.

Lucy  is sooooooo cute!  I love this freezer bunny outfit .

Tumulas started building her logic skill.

Marina is worn out  just watching Thomas!

Fun with the Baby Brainiac Peg Toybox.

” 1,2, Buckle my shoe….3, 4 close the door….5,6 pick  up sticks……7,8 lay them straight…..9,10  a big fat hen!”  Sweet dreams.

Thomas turned in a couple stakeout reports and hacked  a few data bases……

Helped Auntielynds with a case by…….

snooping through unsuspecting sims’ mail.


Who’s the birthday girl?????

Sparkle Farkles…..

 Wow…..you’d think that would hurt, now wouldn’t you….Lucy says “Nope….not even a itsy bitsy bit.”

Lucy’s Birthday present was to have her room redecorated.  She is very pleased.

First day of elementary school. ( with a new wardrobe and hairstyle)

Tumulas continued to improve her handiness skill and mastered it!  Bravo!


Thomas sampled a fortune cookie. I have now idea how to read Simlish ….do you?

How to Speak Simlish in  6 Steps


Teaching the birds to speak simlish….what fun!  Hey….maybe I listen next time 😀

Dinner conversation seemed to focus on curfew….I think.

Lucy took  The 390 out for a spin around the neighborhood.

Father and Daughter night out on the town….much fun was had by all!

Look who else was there…..The Widdows….looks like a night of romance 😀

Mommy Rules…..Upgrade!!

This is just too cute.

What a fantastic  butler!

Spear has passed on…..too bad…..he was a good bird.

Lucy and Cosmo are bestest friends forever…….I love this thing!

“Please clean up for me, Cosmo”  says Lucy…….” Sure thing!”  replies Cosmo.


Look who is expecting!  How wonderful 😀


Tumulas reads Lucy the cooking skill book for a bed time story…..what a clever mommy!

“Aliens!  Take cover!”

“Hold on…..I thought you picked me from the cabbage patch!”

“Hrump……cabbage patch….must learn science….will not be fooled again.”

Staking out…..hmmmmm…Thomas, I think everyone can see you!


Rummaging…..and sinking into the sand!

“2×2 is 4….3×3 is 9…..”

Mourning another bird.


Feeding steak to the omini plant in the community gardens.


Thomas had to check in Jackie Kennedy’s Cane?

Working in the garden.

Thomas ran into Shante Schaffer….it appears she didn’t know she was nude.  ( My game has no naked tops or bottoms.  I went into her dresser and checked and no nude tops and  bottoms  showed……but she did have two bare feet in her work outfit.)


Thomas received the key to the city for reaching level 10 in the private investigator career.  ( We love his outfit…don’t we girls)

Barbara Streisand was very happy for Thomas…..ummmmmm…he doesn’t even know her.

( Bonus Thomas pose  :D)


Think I will end it here…..give the Thomas Fan Club time  to recover.  Stay tuned!

Rags to Riches: Week 15 Day 5

Thomas got busy and started teaching little Lucy to walk.

Tumulas decided to take a trip to…….

Yep…..Shang Simla,  a peaceful and isolated community in the mountainous region of China.

Dive Score:  8.6 …..points taken off for arm placement 😛

A little jogging and …..









reading and swooshing back home to Forever the 50’s……

Meanwhile, Thomas was trying to ” report in” to Kimberly Chin for a job…..

For some reason he went in his swimsuit.  ( I clicked on the option to “report in” on the conversation….on the little “report in” bar on the sim panel…..I changed his clothing to his work attire…..reset Kimberly to home….tried there…..sent Thomas home and had him go back the next day and try to report in at her home…….

now she is in her under ware….no luck…..

Reset Thomas and sent back over to Kimberly’s (Thank goodness she is dressed this time)…..no luck….

Sent him around town to try and dig up dirt without reporting in….

Thomas ran into John Widdow…..no luck talking with him either.  Looks like Thomas is going to have to start a new career….and change his LTW.


***News Flash….all I had to do was right click on the career opportunity (picture box) to remove it….and Thomas had another opportunity pop up the next day***

Family Funds: 45,182.00 Simoleons ( after loot)

Rags to Riches: Tumulas Deosil Legacy

I started playing this wonderful challenge by Cyron43, some time ago,  Rags to Riches find it here.

I am too lazy to move all my pictures from my original thread to here so you can catch up @ Buttonsginger’s Rags to Riches  on TS3 CC II 

I am using Forever the 50’s Populated  by auntielynds and the members of TS3 CC

We will start with Week 15 Day 4

The maid told Tumulas  she hoped that a swarm of files engulfed her home after being fired! Nasty….

Lucy’s birthday!

Yep….she is a charmer!  Traits: Loves the outdoors/Genius.  Favs: Soul/Falafel/Blue.  Sign: Cancer

See…..a real charmer 😀

Thomas interviewed a potential suspect……

A Vamp out in broad daylight….no smoke….yep….bet he is guilty!

Potty training…..isn’t that the one of the cutest potties you’ve seen?

Not sure if Lucy likes her IF or not….lol!

Celebrity Spotting!  Jackie Kennedy  O_O

HHFunds are at 8,743.00 Simoleons.

Now let’s see how much better I can do after playing Hetty Lionheart and Tamara Phreeson (ISBI)……..I have learned a lot with those two challenges.

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