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Day O…..Day O…..Me Wanna Go To Island Paradise!

Get your Simmies ready for a trip to paradise! Share your tourists, locals, hotel staff and any TS3WPP (The Sims 3 Witness Protection Program) members.

  • EA and Third Party CC allowed.
  • Upload (your uncorrupted sims only) to either the exchange or a media hosting site of your choice.
  • Give links ( and created to third party creators) to store content and third party assets.

Join us  @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium and share your sims!

7 Castaways: A Sims 3 Game Play Challenge

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour………………


Sims Required:

Make a household of 7 or download

Gilligan’s Island Household CC Free 

(Look-a-likes not necessary!)

Skipper or One /male/adult/single
Gilligan or One /male/YA/single
Professor or One /male/adult/single
Mary Ann or One /female/YA/single
Ginger or One /female/YA/single
Mr & Mrs Howell A/male and A/Female

Not a fan of the TV show? Use any human sim you’d like to play that meets the above requirements. They can look however you want.

**Traits & LTWs are your choosing but remember we are not using rabbithole jobs so pick accordingly.

Lot Requirment:

Make a lot or download this one:7 Castaways lot

Cost: Furnished: 28,500 ( or as close as you can get it) My premade lot was 28,479.

Must have Four individual huts( with basements). There needs to be a toilet/bath/stove/fridge and the correct number of beds before the sims can move in.

Hut one: Gilligan and Skipper
Hut two: Professor
Hut three:Ginger and MaryAnn
Hut Four: The Howells


Okay the castaways were swept away by a Tidal Wave and end up in any Sims 3 world you choose.( EA or Creator)


1: You will pick one, two , three or four sims to controll. The rest will be uncontrollable.

2: Do NOT give rabbit hole jobs.

3: Singles may marry each other…if your not controlling the sim you want to marry….umm…good luck. Yes, you can break up the Howells and marry one of them….hehehehehe.

4: No Cheats! ( okay, you can resetsim, use MOO)

5: Gifts: If you decide to accept gifts while playing this save then any simoleon gift will automatically go into your household funds. All objects can not be sold until you meet the LTWs of your controllable sims.

6: Wildflowers: Pick and sell.

7: LTRs: You may use all….I suggest you get steel bladder immediately!

8: No Taxi. You must go on foot or buy your mode of transportation. I suggest brooms if you have supernatural.

9: Do not sell the Channon Tec Outlaw Se Camera that is in your inventory. ( Since the Uni patch)


Complete your sims LTW….NO wait, we do that ALL the time……Hmmmmmm….let me think……..Here we go:

Pick one of your controllable sims (if you have more than one) to master Three skills, of which needs to be logic. This sim will then train all the other uncontrolled sims to mastering THREE skills each. (Your sim needs to master logic to teach other sims and can only teach to his/her skill level. Example if cooking is only a level 4 then he/she can only teach to a level 4 cooking).

I hope some of you will try this challenge out and share your attempt with us @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium II in the Game Play Section. 

Quantum Leap: Every two weeks your sim will find himself lost in time! Join the fun!

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Quantum Leap is an American television series that was broadcast on NBC from March 26, 1989 to May 5, 1993, for a total of five seasons. The series was created by Donald Bellisario, and starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a quantum physicist from the near future who becomes lost in time following a time travel experiment, temporarily taking the places of other people to “put right what once went wrong”. Dean Stockwell co-starred as Al Calavicci, Sam’s womanizing, cigar-smoking sidekick and best friend, who appeared as a hologram that only Sam, animals, young children, and the mentally ill could see and hear.[3] The series featured a mix of comedy, drama and melodrama, social commentary, nostalgia, and science fiction, which won it a broad range of fans. One of its trademarks is that at the end of each episode, Sam “leaps” into the setting for the next episode, usually uttering a dismayed “Oh, boy!”


Make your own Dr Sam Beckett (look-a-like not necessary! Any male sim will do!)in Create-A-Household. Save him to your bin. Start a fresh save for each leap, this way you can “adjust” Sam for each “predicament”. Of course, if you have Master Controller you can just take him into CAH from a previous save. (use the SAME Dr Beckett for each challenge you choose to do)
Character Images

Every two weeks your unfortunate Dr Sam Beckett, after entering the Quantum Leap accelerator, will be transported into a new predicament. Your assignment will be to capture him in screenshot and post it here.

There are two rules to qualify for this challenge:

1: Place a screenshot of Dr Sam Beckett in his New Persona and to which the assignment states in this thread.

2: Crop your screenshot ( highlighting Sam) and post it as your Avatar @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium II

Photo editing may be used but is NOT required. ( except for cropping your Avatar shot)

This will be an ongoing challenge. You can join in as you wish. Participate one week, skip another.

Our Dr Becketts will be voted on by our community and then the winning capture will be placed on the Portal page of this forum . You can upload your sim and share if you wish.


Solitaire Wind: A Starter Home

Solitaire Wind
17,500 Simoleons
All EPs/Sps/Store Content may have been used.
No Third Party CC

** Your sims will suffer from the unfinished room moodlet due to the pavers and wildflower floor.**


Wild Wild West World: Sims & Residential Builds





As promised, here are  a few captures of just some of the  outstanding  Sims and Residential Builds

created by the members of TS3 Creators’ Consortium II

for Wild Wild West World

Download Wild Wild West World Here

Click on images for better view



created by Auntielynds


created by Friday

282 Old Prairie Road

The Deers  

created by Meresimp

Green and Gray

created by Meresmip

284 Old Prairie Road

Hayman Black

created by Sid13




Market House

created by Friday

287 Lone Prairie Trail




Fragrant Garden Estate 

created by lionpaws

283 Lone Prairie Trail


created by lionpaws

Rustic Ranch created by Meresimp

281 Lone Prairie Trail

The Barkley’s 

created by Buttonsginger

The Pedro Estate 

created by Pieta

254 Rustler Road

The Battes

created by FraternalHero

The Hillrose

 created by Dini60

246 Linton’s Loop


 created by InaMac69

K’ utepa’ iwe

created by clayworld

215 Last Chance Mine Road


created by clayworld

Indian Reservation

created by Meresimp

223 Tillamook Trail Road

Mineshaft Minors 

created by Euphorial Queen


created by Auntielynds

178 Eureka Gulch End


created by Euphorial Queen

The Baby Ship

created by Auntielynds

198 Klondike Bluff

Hmmmmmmm…..looks like something may have landed here from Outer Space….Shhhhhhhh….mums the word.

See Sim Population Here

See Builds Here

Come and join our next Community Project @ TS3 Creators’ Consortium

Wild Wild West World…..Final Version Updated and Uploaded! 9/21/2013

The members of TS3 Creators’ Consortium present The Wild, Wild West. Fully Populated with fun characters from the Wild West. 

Land Formation … auntielynds
City Planner & Engineer … Dini60
Sim Immigration Development … ButtonsGinger

No 3rd party CC, some store sets. You must have all the EP’s listed, The SP’s and Store Content are optional 

All the Sims, and Builds created by our fantastic members

EP’s: WA Amb Late Night Gen Pets
SP’s: HELS Fast Lane Outdoor Living Town Life Master Suite

photos above  courtesy of Auntielynds

Final Version Uploaded! New and improved. 9/21/13

I must admit…..I did take a gander at this rootinest  tootinest world in all it’s glory!  Here are a few in game captures….to wet your appetite:

Community Lots by Auntielynds and the members of TS3 CC II 

Click on images to enlarge 

Wild West Town Park

by Faith and Hope

Burning Bridges Fire Station

by Dini60

Puppy Day Care  & Pet Store

Western Bank

by Bette

Curl Up and Dye

by Friday

Lucky Loonie Laundry

by  Dini60

Everette H. Emerson Library

by lionpaws

Western Style Church

by Bette

Public Bath and Gymnasium (Gym)

by MerryWiddow

Museum of National Achievement

by lionpaws

Wall’s  Book and Bath LLC

Darris  Teeter Grocery  and The Koffi Cafe

Bart Davies Salon 

by daisylee

General Mercantile and Consign.

by Friday

Shotgun Way Park

Darris  Teeter Art Theater 

Petite Pony Equestrian Center

Hueber Associates and Kim Gould’s Steakhouse

Little Acres Cat Jungle


by Bette

Pony Training Ground

Fort Simter

(Base Camp for traveling Sims)

Horseshoe Lake

The Bone Yard 

by Friday

 Rustler’s Den (Wild West Relics)

by Sid13 

Clear Creek

by Gramcrackers

Sandy Creek

by Gramcrackers

Let’s Go Down to the River (Fishing Spot)

Wishing Well

Martial Arts Acadamy (Academy)

Find your inner chi

The Grapes of Wrath (Nectary)

by Dini60

The Euphorial Queen (Casino)

by auntielynds

The Queens Pier

Hang out and play chess or go fishing

These are just a few of the marvelous community lots in this world.  I haven’t even posted any of the outstanding residential builds.  Oh….I almost forgot…there are Oodles of  Western Sims to play!  Now, don’t go crying in your coffee….I will update with more captures soon.

Some Scenery to tickle your taste buds!

Oh…..and lookie who I found scampering up from the river…..didn’t catch his name…..looks a mite peculiar to me…I do believe he is a …..MUMMY!

Come on in and set a spell!

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