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Wild Wild West Boxcars: Inspired from 1965 American TV Series


For more pictures and download link  please visit my other blog  BGs TS3 Stuff 

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Some Wonderful Lots for Your Sims @ NooBoo’s Blog

Check out these lovely lots that Friday has made for our simmies.  Some outstanding creations….don’t let your sims be left out!Image

Lots « Nooboo’s Blog.

Solitaire Wind: A Starter Home

Solitaire Wind
17,500 Simoleons
All EPs/Sps/Store Content may have been used.
No Third Party CC

** Your sims will suffer from the unfinished room moodlet due to the pavers and wildflower floor.**


Flo’s Fabricated Fancies: Club 51

Flo’s Fabricated Fancies: Club 51.


Exactly what your simmies need….Club 51 by flobunny.  

Check out the super cool video Flo took the time to make….Thanks for the fun Flo 😀

Moonlight by Buttonsginger

EA Content Only. All Ep/Sps may have been used. Store Content used. 


See Pictures on Youtube Here.

Download @ Mediafire

TS3 Exchange

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Pretty in Pink

Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 10 x 10
Residents: 0
This 10×10 lot is a starter home for any single sim….who loves hot pink. A nice kitchen/ living area and a bedroom loft. Basement Bath. Lovely artist roof top patio. Small garden tilled and ready to plant in the back. EA Content Only. All Eps/Sps/Store Content may have been used.

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

Tumulas’ Dream

Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 64 x 64
Residents: 0
This lovely home is on a 64×64 lot . Loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright Style. A palette of warm earth tones. Includes a spacious kitchen, living area, master bedroom with connecting bath. A nursery , butler’s quarters , den, glassed in patio. Large garden with several perfect plants. A bird aviary and many other amenities. EA content only. All Eps/Sps/ Store content may have been used. Recommend, Download and Enjoy. Made using MerryWiddow’s Learn to Build: Second Stage at TS3 CC.

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

More Pictures Here

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