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Wild Wild West Boxcars: Inspired from 1965 American TV Series


For more pictures and download link  please visit my other blog  BGs TS3 Stuff 

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Some Wonderful Lots for Your Sims @ NooBoo’s Blog

Check out these lovely lots that Friday has made for our simmies.  Some outstanding creations….don’t let your sims be left out!Image

Lots « Nooboo’s Blog.

Solitaire Wind: A Starter Home

Solitaire Wind
17,500 Simoleons
All EPs/Sps/Store Content may have been used.
No Third Party CC

** Your sims will suffer from the unfinished room moodlet due to the pavers and wildflower floor.**


Flo’s Fabricated Fancies: Club 51

Flo’s Fabricated Fancies: Club 51.


Exactly what your simmies need….Club 51 by flobunny.  

Check out the super cool video Flo took the time to make….Thanks for the fun Flo 😀

Moonlight by Buttonsginger

EA Content Only. All Ep/Sps may have been used. Store Content used. 


See Pictures on Youtube Here.

Download @ Mediafire

TS3 Exchange

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Pretty in Pink

Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 10 x 10
Residents: 0
This 10×10 lot is a starter home for any single sim….who loves hot pink. A nice kitchen/ living area and a bedroom loft. Basement Bath. Lovely artist roof top patio. Small garden tilled and ready to plant in the back. EA Content Only. All Eps/Sps/Store Content may have been used.

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

Tumulas’ Dream

Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 64 x 64
Residents: 0
This lovely home is on a 64×64 lot . Loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright Style. A palette of warm earth tones. Includes a spacious kitchen, living area, master bedroom with connecting bath. A nursery , butler’s quarters , den, glassed in patio. Large garden with several perfect plants. A bird aviary and many other amenities. EA content only. All Eps/Sps/ Store content may have been used. Recommend, Download and Enjoy. Made using MerryWiddow’s Learn to Build: Second Stage at TS3 CC.

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

More Pictures Here

Home Sweet Home

This lovely home has a spacious floor plan with sunken living room and 3 raised bedrooms. Decorated in a western theme in a pleasing palette of rose with cream and a hint of soft blue. A master bedroom with hot-tub and private bath. Laundry Room /Teen Girl’s Room and Granny’s bedroom. A covered pool and large garden tilled and ready to plant. All Eps/Sps and Store content have been used. Bulit for TS3 CC’s New “Wild West World”.

Download from TS3 Exchange Here

More Pictures Here

Patterns by MerryWiddow are used in this build. Links are below. Thank you for sharing MW!


Ashleigh Floral

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