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Mid-Century Modern Style Hairs and Outfits:

Thank you for the set EuphorialQueen 😀


Le Cirque Celebration : Female Hairs and Outfits

Human Cannon Ball Hairstyle

Diva Plava Hairstyle

Mistress of Ceremonies Hairstyle

The Flyer

The Twirler

 Ring Mistress

Mistress of Ceremonies

The Auguste

My Model is wearing:

Skins by Jack’s creations

S-Club 3D Eyelash Project

Lipstick N23 by S-Club


Poses by:

Cobalt Rose Productions @ Slices of my Soul

**Thank you Rose**


I hope to have time to get the rest of the set posted this weekend.


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Once Upon A Time : Child Hairs and Clothing

Once Upon a Time Cottage EA Store Set

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Once Upon A Time: Male Hair & Clothing

Found in Young Adult & Adult Clothing

Found only in Adult Section

Found only in Adult Section

Found in Adult Section Only

Once Upon A Time EA Store Set

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Once Upon a Time Cottage: Female Hairs & Clothing

Unfortunately, the  accessories can NOT be recolored 😦

* Skirt on left is not included in this set*

Once Upon a Time Cottage EA Store Set

 I hope this helps with anyone trying to decided whether to buy this set.

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Lucky Palms: In game captures

Just some random captures as I poke around in Lucky Palms:

sunset shots…..really lovely.

Nice mailbox & Yucca plants

Pretty sure a new hot tub and see the chairs and table with umbrella in the background.

I saw this painting right away in the house I moved my sims into….it contains more stencils…

fabulous planter!


Yucca plants with blossoms 😀

View from Botanical Garden towards city hall

Ariel view of Botanical Gardens and Wishing Well 

The cactus pond cracks me up!

Making a wish!

Stealing coins…..

Lol…..falling in…..nope…no coins!

Orchid had better luck and found a lucky coin….

Whoot!  7,500 Simoleons!

This I love! Houses over the water….haven’t had time to look in them yet.

Cool Pool!

Wonderful Wells Community Garden

The Blooming Cactus Bistro

Many nice homes…..I really like this one!

Perfect Paradise Pool…restrooms/showers below

Sunwest Graveyard… sim jumped in the little rock pool….lol!

Looks like some little condos….but only one family can live there apparently.



This poor townie is taking his toddler for a looooooong walk! LOL

I am sure there is much more to see and do but that is all I had time to try out.  Hope this was helpful in some way. Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.

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Where to find Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table &Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

You can locate these premium items in buy mode Here:


Hope this is helpful!

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